The biggest snag I faced while starting this blog, once I had crossed the initial hurdle of ‘What will I write about?’ and ‘Do I really want to make a fool of myself?’, was ‘And what do I want to name my blog?’.

I recently came across an amusing tool called the random desi blog name generator on a blog. This blogger’s reasoning was that most desis use a combination of the same few inane and self-deprecatory phrases to name their blogs, so why not create a utility which can do the job for them instead? The names the tool threw up were truly hilarious ranging from ‘Unstructured Pearls Scattered by a Self-confessed Karan Johan Fan Boy’ to ‘Insipid Reflections Of A Demented Armpit-Sniffer’. Check out this great link here http://dingchak.net/?page_id=28.

I now knew how not to name my blog – I certainly didn’t want folks like this guy enjoying a good laugh at my expense. So I exercised my brain cells as I hadn’t in a long long time and finally came up with jottingsnmusings. There isn’t a specific reason for this name. It was definitely the most sensible of all the inane ones I had thought of. Plus I always liked rhyming words and both words have something to do with the intent of this blog. The best part is that taken together they don’t really mean anything in particular, so no one can accuse me of profound thought in choosing my blog name!

There were others I thought of, squigglesngiggles being the one I liked second best. But somehow it seemed childish and this blog (unlike my life) is intended to be anything but that.

So there you go! Welcome to my jottings and musings.


8 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Girl, where were you two years back when I named my blog. It would have been such a great help. He hehehe,
    I didnt know any such site, instrument, generator existed. what an enlightenment.

  2. Hehe… would it have been a help or confused you even further? 🙂

    And thanks for giving the first comment on my first post Manpreet!

  3. Wow you started so long ago. Is it lurking if I leave a couple of comments and then check out your archives?

    Me: 🙂 You are welcome to lurk A! And comments are welcome when you feel like it… no pressure!

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