End of Week Two – The Blogging Experience so far

It’s been two weeks now since I started to blog in earnest. I had made some half-hearted attempts to put up a blog before, but lost steam after a few posts. Basically I didn’t know what to write about. My posts were mostly about our out-of-town trips, but since we obviously can’t take a trip every weekend despite our mutual love for traveling, I was again at a loss for subject matter after a couple of posts and gave up.

Then some months back, I chanced upon desipundit.com while googling on some obscure topic. I clicked on some of the featured blog posts, not knowing what I was getting into. And I found them fascinating. One post lead to the next, and one blogroll lead to another. I was amazed to find young women, leading (I assume) seemingly run of the mill lives like me, blogging on such a variety of topics.

Right from the environment to the state of the economy and national and international politics, these women had a firm opinion on everything and weren’t bashful in expressing themselves. Even more amazing, they minutely observed more mundane goings-on in their lives, from neighbors, colleagues, family members, household help, marriages and babies to music, books, movies, food, gardening, travels, culture and what not! And then they put across their observations so eloquently, leaving an unmistakable sense of their unique personalities on their blogs. (I have featured some of them on my blog roll, you can take a look and decide for yourself.)

Could I do that, I wondered. I realized it had been a long time since I really thought about something. I was in a race to get things done, get a degree, get a job, get married, finish the project work, go home on time, finish the cooking and then hurry to clean up after the meal. In my free time, I was reading, watching tv or a movie, sleeping or going out shopping, sightseeing or meeting friends. When did I pause to sit and think? To observe  all that was around me, to truly experience whatever I was doing? Or was I just going through the motions?

Looking back, some of the answers to those questions are not very pleasant. But for the past two weeks, things have been very different. Wherever I have gone and whatever I have done, I have been on the lookout for interesting things to blog about. In the process, I find myself observing, thinking, examining my own thoughts and forming my own opinions. Oh, such-and-such works like this, and I think so-and-so about it, and therefore… I am sure you get the picture.

That’s the gift my blog has given me. Sure, I’d like more folks to read my posts. I’d love to interact with some like-minded people here and I’d be glad to have 100 people commenting on the more controversial of my posts, which happens on some of the blogs I read. Who wouldn’t? I wouldn’t even complain if the number of comments on my blog atleast inched up by one from the current big fat zero. But at the end of the day, I am still happy if none of this happens. Because I have already met a wonderful like-minded person thanks to my blog. Can you guess who?


4 responses to “End of Week Two – The Blogging Experience so far

  1. Hey, I am glad to be the first and when the comments start rolling in 100s I hope you would still remember that it was I who started it all -:)
    Welcome to blogging – It is the same thing that happened to me when I started blogging. I realised that I was observing people more keenly and analysing events and conversations more – I guess I started living a little more consciously.

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