An account of my favorite kind of Saturday

The husband and I enjoyed a nice relaxed Saturday yesterday. I was astonished at the amount of activities and (ahem) non-activities we were able to pack into the day. My parents would say it was probably because we got up ‘on time’, at around 9:30. The morning started with some garam-garam chai and poha, and the husband was immediately in seventh heaven. In fact the poha came in for so much praise that I was all charged up to make something even better for lunch. (Is that a sly trick of his? I am mighty suspicious about it.)

I scoured Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookbooks and my kitchen, trying to match their ingredients (always an impossible job) and finally decided upon Gobi Musallam. Sounds very fancy, but I didn’t find it very different from the normal raswali Gobi sabji that we Maharashrians prepare. Maybe it was the lack of melon seeds – they were listed in the recipe but since I had never heard of them before (don’t be shocked, I am like that only), I deemed them expendable and carried on.

One of the losses of being a working woman is that I don’t get to spend as much time in the kitchen as I would like to. The blame lies more with my laziness rather than a genuine lack of time though. But yesterday I indulged myself to the hilt. To start with I cleaned up and refilled the masale ka dabba, something I had planned to do for weeks now and which always gives me a lot of pleasure. (Half the allure of cooking for me lies in its colorfulness and nothing is as colorful as a well-stocked masale ka dabba.)

Then I proceeded to cut and arrange all the vegetables and seasonings like they do in cookery shows on TV, all the while pretending to be the cookery show host, complete with a running commentary on the recipe. (The husband is used to my occasional bouts of madness by now and nobody else is home, so…) Finally, the results looked so appetizing that I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

Gobi musallam - raw materials

Gobi musallam - finished product

Here’s one of the raw materials. And another of the finished product, phulkas and groundnut chutney thrown in for company.

After feasting on a succulent Gobi Musallam and some more of the husband’s praises, it was time for my afternoon nap. Ah, the pleasure of creeping into bed and snuggling under the razai on a rainy afternoon! I felt fresh and energetic when I woke up in the evening to my favorite A R Rahman songs (courtesy my sweet husband) and was all set to go exploring somewhere.

But first I wanted to water my plants, and was ecstatic to find some new roses and rosebuds on my red rose plant that has been barren for many weeks now. Red rose plant with new flowers

A friend had spoken glowingly of a river walk by the Walkill River in nearby New Paltz sometime back, and we thought we should try it out. New Paltz is a lively university town (it hosts SUNY – State University of New York) about twenty miles from our place. The Walkill River turned out to be more like a muddy stream and reminded us very much of streams running through most villages back home in India, but the river-walk was amazing.

Walkill River Rail Trail The trail called the Walkill River Rail Trail was formerly a railroad and had been covered up to form a lovely walking and biking trail.

We had a peaceful walk through the woods, saw some lovely birds, a deer, several wild rabbits and a beautiful farm with a most amazing concept – cut your own fruits, vegetables and flowers! Unfortunately it was too late and the farm was closed, but you can be sure I’ll be revisiting the place sometime soon.

On the way home we saw an Indian restaurant on Main Street and a few blocks later, a cinema house playing Rush Hour 3. The combination proved irresistible, and we had to break our homeward journey to take in dinner and the movie, both of which were awesome. Our wonderful day ended with some late-night stargazing in our balcony, where I saw a shooting star for the first time in my life. It was an ethereal scene and a perfect end to a beautiful day.


6 responses to “An account of my favorite kind of Saturday

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Shruthi. The funny thing is, I always thought exactly the same about your posts!

  2. It was one hell of an amazing day for you, I bet. Today when you will look back at it, you will bless me, wont you? hehehe.
    The account was so smooth and so honest, it is simply awesome.

  3. Yeah, bless you! This was a beautiful day indeed, it’s hard to recreate such simple magic actually…

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