Our Strange and Funny Husbands

I have a very good friend in office. This comes as a pleasant surprise to me since I work in an American company in rural New York with only about a couple of hundred folks working at our location, so the chances of coming across an Indian girl about my age who happens to be like-minded and fun, and who happens to find me equally like-minded and fun (phew!) are quite slim, to put it very mildly. (Not that I have anything against elderly American ladies or Chinese gentlemen, but I find it easier to make friends with people I can relate to.)

But I digress. I was saying I have a very good friend in office and we have regular chat (some would call it gossip) sessions once or twice in a workday. We talk about our work, fun things we did the last weekend and plans for the next one, we discuss her kids and the various kinds of mischief they are upto these days and sometimes we discuss some spicy office politics. Its fun to be irreverant and girlish for a few minutes each day. Brings me back to my college days.

Today we were discussing our respective husbands and their strange communication patterns. How they can talk for hours on end in certain situations and are content to stay completely mum in others.

My friend’s husband’s friend (could you work that one out?) comes home some weekends. Her husband and the friend like to watch ball games together. Apart from a short ‘Hi’ when he comes in to a mumbled ‘Bye’ when he is ready to leave, they watch their game in peace except for occasional grunts of ‘Pass me the popcorn’. My poor friend initially would feel awkward for the stranger in her house having to put up with the silent treatment. But when years passed and the friend continued to show up like clockwork every few weekends, she realized her foolishness and gave up on them. 

The husband and I watched a nice movie last night. Serious stuff. The kind I would have enjoyed dissecting together with my girl friends. Why did so-and-so behave that way, what were his motivations and were they justified? Didn’t this actor act marvelously and weren’t the costumes just lousy? We would have argued for for hours on end and ended up enjoying the argument more than the movie itself. But the husband was content to shut down the laptop, mumble ‘Nice movie’ and go off to sleep. 

Husbands are a strange breed of creatures that way, aren’t they?


12 responses to “Our Strange and Funny Husbands

  1. Usha and Lakshmi: Thanks for stopping by.

    Nothing like getting some more women to agree with me. I’ll be showing your comments to the husband tonight. 🙂

  2. Ahhh I so agree with you! And to top it all, my husband watches me and laughs, instead of the screen, if I get teary-eyed at a romantic scene. As for “discussing” a movie? What is that!??

  3. Shruthi, its so much fun to know other husbands are as weird as mine! I think I’ll learn to laugh at a lot of our differences this way. Earlier I would just get upset and pout!

  4. Couldnt stop myself from not commenting..

    Husbands are undoubtedly a weird lot, I say :-))

    We watched a mythological movie on Ganesh Chaturthi. It was based on Ravana and his quest to get the ‘atma linga’ for his mother and how the place called Gokarna came into being bcos of Ravana. Now, throughout I kept appreciating Rajkumar and his acting skills and the no-running-around-trees kinda romance…and what do you get? The husband is just watching it like its like a thriller movie …forget discussing! Hes not even nodding his head for what I commented! sigh! they are the same worldwide!

  5. That was an amusing post 🙂

    my hubby cetainly has a few ‘!’ to his credit

    here they are,

    He has been replacing his footwear with the same old design from BATA since ……………..
    If I want to have a proper conversation with him, I need to be running behind him as he can’t sit tight for more than 10 secs.
    He is so damn accomadative that at times I feel unwanted.

    there are many more. But………….
    Husbands are strange but aren’t we all in a way or two


  6. Great Post, i want to leave comments on each and every post, hopefully I will.
    Love your style, especially the transition from the first paragraph to the second paragraph in this particular post.

  7. Sumi, your account of your husband is very funny! 🙂

    Manpreet, Hope so too dear!

    Wishful thinking, eh? 🙂

  8. guess, I am the odd one out here…my hubby can discuss movies till kingdom comes and he completely baffles me by drawing comparisons with obscure (read highly recommended) world cinema and can infact talk about camera angles as animatedly as other guys discuss football.

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