Weekend in Virginia

We had an amazing vacation this long weekend. I say amazing because it was very different from the kind of vacations we normally take. It was more like an American vacation. Which basically means no hotels, no agenda and no sightseeing! Instead, there were lots of activities, lots of lazing around and yes, loads and loads of fun.

We had rented a riverside cottage in the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. (Yes, it was that beautiful and then some more.) For three full days we biked picturesque country roads, ambled through verdant green meadows with cows and horses for company, rowed a canoe in the lovely Shenandoah river, chased after rabbits and deer, relaxed in a hammock by the riverside, ate huge meals of wholesome home-cooked food, played lots of games, star-gazed, lit candles and chatted late into the night.

We had some great company too, two very good friends of ours. The guy, a colleague from our former workplace is a talkative and very funny man, constantly entertaining us with his outrageous stories and his absentmindedness. His wife, a very sweet, friendly and unassuming person, is a dear friend of mine. She is also very mischievous and is constantly looking for ways to tease her husband and aggravate his confusion. And is she a great cook or what! She had us drooling over her aloo parathas and chole and daals the entire weekend.

An unforgettable memory is of our hilarious game of dumb charades. Our friend was playing this game for the first time. I did warn the husband to be on my team, but he was stubborn as usual and wanted to team up with his friend. Sure, I said, have it your way. And then the friend’s wife and I laughed and laughed till our sides ached for the next two hours. Not only did the absentminded friend bumble through the simplest of chances, he sat with a priceless quizzical look on his face while the husband jumped and waved his arms and made faces, all in vain. Needless to say, the girls won hands down.  

Three wonderful days of fun, beauty and absolute peace of mind and I was ready to give up everything and become a farmer in Virginia! But here I am, back at my desk and snatching a few minutes from work to blog away as usual. Such is life, I guess! I’ll be uploading the pictures soon, do check back if you are interested.


5 responses to “Weekend in Virginia

  1. This vacation was simply great..thanks to our husbands who came up with this idea ( I am being forced to write ‘ our’ instead of ‘your’ ).
    We were really in awe of the beautiful and serene surroundings…i have to just close my eyes and i am back in the valley!
    I think all the four of us highly recommend going for this kind of vacation, as you have rightly said …. a ‘no agenda’ vacation.

  2. Sure, I will. And yes, Sumel is one of cutest Sardarnis I’ve known. And most of them are quite sweet. 🙂

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