Ganpati celebrations

A while ago, I had written about my childhood memories of the Ganpati festival. And I was foolish enough to say I’d try making a modak on my own this year. Committing to something on your blog is a great way to ensure you get it done, I would say. There are your words, in black and white, for everybody to see. The husband, the parents, nobody would let me get away with it, I thought. Its a different matter that none of them remembered, considering they were pretty surprised when I actually carried out my promise yesterday!

So yes, I did try to make some modaks for the Ganpati festival this year. All by myself, with nobody to help. The recipe came from the good old internet of course! As I had written earlier, I have seen my grandmother and various aunts prepare this delicacy umpteen number of times over the years, and I have even tried my hand at it myself a couple of times. But it was always under the watchful eyes of said grandmothers and aunts, which makes all the difference in the world, believe me.

Lest I go on and on with my modak puran, let me summarize by confirming that, yes, the modak is indeed one of the toughest food preparations I have tried so far, and I have tried a good number of them in these past two years of married life. What I thought would take me an hour at the most, ended up taking a good two and a half hours or more. And the end result was far from perfect. My only regret now is that I did not take a snap of my modaks before I cooked them, because they all broke thereafter. Now no one will believe I did make a round and unbroken modak initially. Sigh! There’s always next year of course!


Here’s a snap of our mighty modak offering to Lord Ganesha!


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