Birthday Updates

This is something I haven’t done in a long long time – writing down in chronological order the names of people who wished me on my birthday! But its been a long time since I was so thrilled on my birthday too! So here goes.

People who wished me personally. (This one’s easy and for obvious reasons a very short list.)

1) The husband.

2) My office friend, Swati.

3) Lots of colleagues in office (the husband had got a cake and invited lots of people to eat it) – Vivek, Mahalakshmi, Flora, Chaitanya, Nazneen, the two Davids, Andrew, our bosses Paul and Brian and the very sweet Joyce who wished me with a big kiss as always.

People who called.

1) My dad-in-law and mom-in-law.

2) The husband’s neighbors back home in Bombay.

3) My mom and my mavshi.

4) My attya.

5) My uncle.

6) My dad.

7) My best friend, Jyoti and another good friend, Jyotsana.

People who emailed.

1) My mama, mami and cousin brothers.

2) My cousin sister, Ashwini.

3) The husband’s brother.

4) Lots of people in my orkut friend’s list – too many to mention here, but very sweet of all of them all the same!

More birthday updates.

This has been a great birthday so far. (Perhaps its all in the mind, isn’t it? Think happy and be happy!) We (the Indian gang in office) had a wonderful lunch party this afternoon at my favorite snack place – Samosa House. And the husband and I are planning a more romantic celebration tonight.

The white and baby pink salwar kameez brought by my mom when she visited us in July (which incidentally is the only dress I had held off wearing till today) came in for a lot of praise from everybody in office. Complete strangers stopped me and said, ‘What a pretty dress!’ Even the normally taciturn Andrew said, ‘I really like your outfit today!’

And yes, I am wearing the delicate gold danglers and pendant-chain gifted by the husband today. They look very pretty too. Aww, ok, let me say it – I think I look very pretty today!

My dad wished me this morning with my old birthday chant of ‘twenty fifth, September’! I immediately asked him, ‘Did you read my blog post?’ He had a good laugh over that, ‘I don’t need to read your blog to remember your childhood!’

Although Jyoti called today, I really missed reading her ‘birthday letter’ to me. Ever since I have known her, she has been writing sweet lil notes to me on my birthday and hiding them in the unlikeliest of places! I know she is busy with her MBA these days and we are both married and thousands of miles apart. But I miss her letters all the same! I was also thinking of my birthday party in junior college – I somehow missed writing about it in my last post. My birthday party, hosted at her place by her mom. Now, how cool is that! (I think my mom was with my dad in the Philippines that year.)

And finally, surprise, surprise! My mom wrote her first comment on my blog today. I have been nagging her (and my dad and the husband and some friends) to comment on my posts for so long now that I had almost given up hope! Finally, I threatened her with a ‘I won’t speak to you if you don’t comment on my birthday post’. Did she have a choice then?


4 responses to “Birthday Updates

  1. Oye, u are a bully. You know what , I do that to my husband too. And my poor mom is a regular visitor to my blog too. Sometimes the first visitor, itna daraya houa hai unko. But moms are moms, they will do anything for kids, nahi?

  2. Bully ha? Abhi tak aapko bully nahi kiya na, yet you are reading all my archives! What does that tell you? 🙂 Why can’t the husband take an interest then, I ask you? Javaab dijiye please! Hmmpph!

    Yeah, moms are such sweethearts, aren’t they!

  3. But I have to force M to write, but boy when he writes, he crosses all limits. Such faith he has in my capability to write, LOL. But to be true, it does feel good when he gives even an oral opinion instead of typing it out. He is my best critic too.

  4. Oh, at least your husband takes an interest in your writing. Lucky you! But best critic huh? Doesn’t he know how dangerous that can get? 😉

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