Blogger Frankenstein

Oh my God! What is this monster I have given birth to? When I started blogging, all I wanted to do was test myself. Did I have any thoughts that I wouldn’t be ashamed to put before the world? Would I be able to write well enough to present a coherent picture of them? Would anybody be interested in reading what I had written?

Thus I set out on my blogging journey. Hesitantly tried my hand at a couple of posts. Made it a point to regularly visit my favorite blogs and summoned up the courage to comment on some of them when I felt strongly enough about their content. Was pleased as punch when folks replied to my comments on their blogs. And hoped against hope that one of them would be piqued enough to click on the url against my name someday.

At first only the husband read my blog posts. After a hundred reminders, threats and wheedlings of course! My parents studiously ignored all references to my blog. I tentatively prodded some of my friends about it, but none of them were interested.

Perhaps Usha or Shruthi, I am not sure which one of them, was the first to comment on this space. Yippee! I was on cloud nine that day. Then desipundit featured one of my posts and I suddenly got a couple of hundred hits in one day! I floated a foot above ground for the next few days. These days, I routinely get a hundred hits without the aid of desipundit and at least a couple of folks are kind enough to comment every day.

So, am I happy now? More like terrified actually. Last night I was planning a blog post in my dreams. Sort of like the pre-exam nights when I’d be solving maths and physics equations in my sleep. And I had thought I had left behind those exam tensions forever!

Oh, what is this monster I have given birth to!


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