Shruthi got me really thinking this morning. Which is the song that both the husband and I think of as ‘our song’, she asked? The one that triggers the oh-so-wonderful feeling in both of us and makes us want to passionately reach out to each other? Err, to be frank, I am not sure if there is one!

As I’ve said before, the husband and I are two very different people. I am the chirpy, childlike one and often tease him that he’s become very dull and prosaic these days. He wasn’t this way before, but the kind of music he enjoyed then (sad weepy ghazals) didn’t excite me at all. (They do now!) And he usually scoffs at the kind of soft romantic songs I love. (Although I think he secretly likes them too.) So, as you can see, we are too muddled up a couple to agree on one song as ‘our song’.

To avoid further embarrassment however, I will, in the same vein as Shruthi (who incidentally tagged me for this one), narrate a sweet and funny song story instead. In those blissful college days when the two of us would go on illicit long drives (chori chori, chupke chupke), I’d sing aloud in my excitement and beg the boyfriend, who is better known as the husband these days, to sing along with me.

But somehow, he never did. Instead, in the manner of politicians and their ‘garibi hatao’ promises, he would grandly announce, ‘I will sing for you someday.’ Hmm, someday? I waited patiently but the grand day never came. When we decided to get married, I secretly hoped to be treated to a grand ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ ishtyle serenade on our suhaag raat night. High hopes, indeed!

I gave up hope after the first year of marriage. Then, we were separated for about three months when the husband traveled to the US for his new job assignment and I had to stay back in India till I found a suitable opportunity myself. In those three months of bachelorhood, the husband’s roomie happened to be a trained singer who gives numerous stage shows in the US.

Voila! The last vestiges of romance welled forth from somewhere deep within the husband’s heart and he asked his friend to teach him a romantic song so that he could silence his nagging wife once and for all. Imagine my surprise and delight when I landed up in the US to be greeted with the mellifluous notes of ‘Kehna Hai’ from Padosan flowing from the husband’s throat!

The final episode in our sweet and funny song story involves my parents who visited us here, in the US, this summer. One day, bored of waiting for the two us to come home, they thought of playing some music on our laptop. The very first song happened to be ‘Kehna Hai’.

It sounded slightly different to them. The ‘sur’ was fine and the familiar baritone was there but there was something different about the voice. Kishore Kumar seemed to be having one of his sore throat days, they thought. They played the song again and again, trying to solve the mystery. Imagine their surprise when their son-in-law sheepishly informed them on coming home, ‘That was me actually. I was rehearsing!’

Whenever we hear this song these days, I first look at the husband with a most tender expression on my face (After all, he did take the trouble to learn the song for my sake, how sweet is that!), then I feel proud for a while (He was good enough to be mistaken for Kishore Kumar, even if it was a sore-throated KK!) and finally we both burst out into peals of laughter. So long story short, I guess you could say ‘Kehna Hai’ is ‘our song’ after all!


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  1. my cousin she does it to her husband all the time ….I can see…..the threat bechara husband must have received that no dinner..or sleeping on the counch….must have made him learn how to sing……lolz

  2. Shruthi, M – I passed on the ‘sweet’ compliments to the husband and you should have seen his face! 🙂

    KP, hmmm… a guy, huh? Not married yet? That explains it all! 😉

  3. Awww that was so sweet! To actually make so much effort for you! Even if he had never been mistaken for KK, I am sure his kehna Hai’ (I love the lyrics) would have still been a million times more heart-felt than KK’s:) And what’s a song without feeling? This was a lovely post…

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