Apple picking adventure

The husband and I went apple-picking at a nearby fruit orchard today. It was a wonderful experience for us, the day was gorgeous, the orchard was beautiful and the apples were aplenty, inexpensive, juicy and very very delicious!

Both of us behaved like little children set loose in a toyland, I caught a lot of the firang-types grinning condescendingly at our childlike glee. But it was the first time either of us saw apples hanging from a tree, which is our rather sorry excuse for the childish behavior. Red apples, green apples, golden apples, it was pretty overwhelming, really. You should have been there to understand it.

Apple picking

That’s me, going crazy thinking, ‘Now which one should I pick?’

I never knew there were so many exotic-sounding varieties of apples (Rome, Fuji, Crispin, Macintosh, Jonagold and what not). My neighborhood grocery store stocks just one variety called – yes, you guessed it right, apples! We picked at least one of each type, and ate half a dozen. We also bought some lovely apple cider and I’m still finding it hard to believe how pure unsweetened juice could taste so sweet!

At the end of it, the huge bucket so kindly provided by the orchard folks and lovingly carried around by the husband was filled to the brim and yet cost us just seven dollars. We came home and were lugging the huge bag from the car to the front door when the thought came to my mind, what do I with all these great apples!

In marathi we have a saying, ‘Loncha ghalu ka?’ similar to the hindi one, ‘Achaar dalu kya?’ An exasperated me thus asked the husband and he very seriously replied, ‘Sure, why not!’ So it’s either going to be apple achaar or apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next couple of weeks in our household. Anybody care to join us?


6 responses to “Apple picking adventure

  1. We are pretty much in the same boat! Hubs took my parents on an Apple Picking trip and they came back with TWO big bags overflowing (or maybe I should say “over-rolling”? :D) with apples. Now my dad peels and slices two apples every evening and everyone HAS to eat them!

  2. It reminds me of us children visiting a sugar factory – ages back during the food rationing years. “Delirious with joy” does not do full justice to our sense of elation when our host grandly pronounced ” savour as much sugar as you all wish” ( – though within the factory premises). Wonder why cherry picking has an altogether different connotation than apple picking ? Have more of such enchanting nature baskings.

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