The little pleasures of life

An old pal called me last night. We were very close during our engineering years, Jyots, me and Piyu, better known as the inseparable triplets. Sadly, we never realized when and how we drifted apart in these three years after college. Initially, our regular phone calls – the ‘just called to chat’ types – continued, we still made plans to meet, go shopping or for a movie every other weekend. Then I got married, Jyots moved to the US for her masters and all of us got so wrapped up in our lives that we unknowingly let go of our sweet old friendship, never realizing how precious it really was to all of us.

When I moved to the US, I eagerly called up Jyots on my first weekend here. We chatted for a few minutes but she seemed busy and slightly preoccupied and rang off after promising to call me later. A few months passed and the only contact we had was over impersonal scraps in Orkut. Then her birthday came up and I called to wish her. She was again busy in her birthday party, so we couldn’t chat at length. A few weeks later it was time for my birthday and something similar happened when she called.

I felt sad when I thought about it that night. We had been such close friends earlier and now only called each other on our birthdays. Even that seemed almost like a chore these days. Sigh! This has become some kind of a recurring pattern with me nowadays. Since I moved to the US, I have a lot of free time and very few friends around to spent it with, so I call a lot of my old friends in India and the US, friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years.

But very few of them call me, either out of their own initiative, or at least to return my call. I had been brooding about this for some time now, so when the birthday episode with Jyots happened, my mind connected it with the other instances automatically and as it later turned out, wrongly. In any case, I wasn’t too happy about it but didn’t want to lose a dear friend either. Never mind, I’ll call her again soon, I made a mental note to myself.

So imagine my delight when Jyots called up last night and said, ‘Hey, I just want to chat with you!’ Yippee! To say I was super-excited would be an understatement. We talked till late into the night, catching up with so many of the happenings over the past three years. And it was just like old times. I felt as if we had never stopped talking in the interim, felt like it was just yesterday when we were calling each other everyday to gossip and yap and giggle! Is true friendship always like that?

I felt so good yesterday that I wanted to pass on my good cheer to someone else too. Out of the blue I recalled my old roomie with whom I had a silly little spat two years ago. I can’t explain why, but I felt I just had to write to her and try and mend the broken bridge. So I did, and ended up feeling even more wonderful! I don’t know if she’ll reply, but the very fact that I let go of my own demons is good enough for me. If she feels the same too, now that would be ‘sone pe suhaga’, wouldn’t it?


6 responses to “The little pleasures of life

  1. It’s true that friends always hold a special place. It takes some time to build a frindship. It’s terrible when you feel that the bond that you have built is slipping out of your hands. Good that you have found yours back. But many a times we are not that lucky.

  2. Yes Lavs, she did! That was very sweet of her. She was very surprised and very happy too. I think that friendship is back on track now!

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