A brief hiatus, not a goodbye!

Did I mention our upcoming India trip on my blog? Yes, the husband and I are going to India next week for a month-long vacation. Yahoo! We will be there for Diwali. Double yahoo! And on the way back we’ll be stopping over in London for a much-anticipated short vacation. That’s triple yahoo! For the past few days we’ve been busy buying gifts for everyone at home and packing for our trip and I have hardly had time to read my favorite blogs, let alone write something on mine.

More importantly, I need to confess I am feeling quite ambivalent towards my blog these days. I got some encouraging feedback from my family initially, then got involved in some nice thought-provoking discussions over some of my posts and was thrilled to make some wonderful blog friends out here. (If I may call you that!) But I also received a lot of flak from my parents and the husband over the personal nature of some of my posts. I guess they are just not comfortable with the idea of discussing our lives so openly on the web. And I think I need to respect their feelings above everything else. I deleted one of my recent posts for this very reason yesterday.

I am confused folks! Should I restrict myself to commenting on general issues and leave the personal stuff for discussion with real-life friends? But that would just not be me. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything, I intended this blog to be a place where I could talk about just about anything that came into my head. Wouldn’t this kind of self-censorship kill the fun of that idea? I notice some blogs have password protected posts but I’ve no idea if that’s at all possible with wordpress. Could anyone help me with that?

All in all, I expect to take a short hiatus from my blog over the next few weeks. I’ll be back by the end of November and hopefully will have resolved my confusion and be bubbling with fresh ideas to resurrect my beloved blog once I’m back. And I hope I won’t have lost the two and a half readers who were kind enough to grace this space with their frequent visits and comments by then. (Hey, I’m not discounting anyone’s intelligence here, just counting the attention span directed to my blog in fractions and trying to be funny in the bargain!) So can I count on you folks not forgetting me till then? Go on, say yes and make my day! See you soon, friends!


12 responses to “A brief hiatus, not a goodbye!

  1. Hey Devaki!

    I know how you feel… I started my blog without any idea what I would write in it. But then I saw more and more of my family and friends read the blog regularly… so I am very careful what I write in it. Many times, I have to be silent to avoid embarrassment….. like in the song tag recently, after all, my husband’s colleagues read the blog too.. I don’t want him ragged to death 😀

    If this is hampering you, blog anonymously… else, do accept that there are some limitations.. but believe me, even with those limitations, you can write a lot. Like I have been doing. Not giving away any personal details at all… no mush, no lovey-dovey stuff.. no washing dirty linen in public… nothing like that. It is possible.

    And yes, you will be missed – but not if you are coming to Bangalore… are you? 😀

    Have a lovely vacation, anyway! And if you catch hold of a system, do blog a line or two just to keep us updated. And for anything else, my mail id is on my blog 😀

    Have fun and take care!

  2. Hi, Came upon ur blog thru Shruthi’s. Sorry to see it’s going to be the last for a while. Hope you get back to blogging once you are back. Have a great trip!!

  3. Hey Devaki
    First of all, have a ggrreeaatt trip to India and enjoy every moment of it !

    And I couldnt say anything more than what Shruthi said 🙂 Shes written just the things I had on mind too 🙂

    Chill and be safe 🙂

  4. Shruthi, thanks so much. I really needed this. A nice and balanced piece of advice from you, as usual.

    Yes, I have seen many different styles of blogging out there, there is some very personal stuff on anonymous blogs and I have seen some who write boldly and even disclose their identity. But I like your style the best. You strike a wonderful balance between candor and discretion. And there is a certain dignity and maturity to your posts that I would love to emulate. Again, thanks for your wonderful advice. You’ll never know how much it helped me.

    About my India trip, no plans to come to Bangalore unfortunately. 😦 But yes, I’ll definitely try and blog whenever I can. And you can be sure I’ll be reading your posts regularly! See you again soon! 🙂

    Kp, true and thanks!

    Rajk, welcome! What a pity your first visit happened to be via this post. Anyhow, thanks and do visit again.

    M, thanks! Yes, it was a wonderful piece of advice and I am thankful to you girls for understanding my dilemma and sharing your views with me. I am now fairly confident I’ll get back to blogging once I’m back. Cya then and have fun in the meanwhile! 🙂

  5. It’s up to you to decide the limits of blogging. Of course, hubby’s, parents’ and relatives’ views are important but hey it’s your blog. There are many ways to have “your say” without being too personal. What is the fun is hurting your near and dear ones’ sentiments???

    I am sure you know what to do- Go ahead and have a pleasurable trip. Come back with lots of travel stories!!

  6. have a great trip back home – forget the blog and enjoy the vacation.
    when you come back decide on a style that you feel comfortable with. Ultimately your comfort feeling is most important .
    Au revoir

  7. Hi..came here blog hopping through CW’s..interesting place you have here 🙂

    If you’re facing issues with disclosing personal stuff on your blog..go anon..that’s what I’m doing..it works out better rather than having to look behind your shoulder each time you write something really personal. And yes wordpress does allow you to password protect your posts…so that works well.

    Hope to see you blogging soon 🙂


  8. Lavs, CW and Usha: Thanks for the encouraging words and sound advice. You guys are right, as you usually are of course! 😉

    SM: Welcome! I am glad you found this an interesting place. I am anon (just write my first name which shouldn’t be too much of a giveaway) but the problem is my husband and parents know I write (coz they see me typing away so often) and then of course they want to know what it is that I’m writing and then they don’t like some of the stuff, so… But I think I’m learning to live with it and write within those limitations!

    All: Thanks again and now that I am back, please do keep visiting.

  9. Agreed with Shruti. Either you choose to blog anon, or you pick and choose what you wish to reveal and what to conceal. In case you want to reveal, how much you want to reveal and in what way- is upto you and unto your style.
    I also weighed the things, then thought of going ahead with my first name, so that I get a readership to the real me, in case I do (that is what i thought 2 yrs ago). Cos in the beginning I thought it would be mama and M as my readers, he he he.
    But to tell u the truth, I m glad I m the real me in my blog. Did you see I had blogrolled you by your real name?

  10. I wanted some link to my own name too. My parents weren’t too happy about it, but I was sure. And I try and follow Shruthi’s advice these days – not put up anything I’d be afraid/ashamed of here…

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