Back home!

Hi all, I am back! We spent a wonderful three weeks in India, a time that was both exciting and restful in parts and were in London for a short but very sweet two-day stopover last weekend. More details of the trip will follow in my next few blog posts of course – there’s very little else that I think about these days! (I have been dreaming about India and friends and family in India every single night since we came back.)

My first day in office after the break and somebody asked, how does it feel to be back? Tough question, I thought. It feels good to be home (But where exactly is home?), to be welcomed back (and we did get a very warm welcome from everybody in office) and to be busy again. Getting back into the old and familiar routine feels good – work, morning meetings, boisterous office luncheons, relaxed weekday evenings, gymming, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, reading, catching up on my favorite serials and the excitement of looking forward to Fridays and planning our weekend outings.

But the question keeps popping up, are we really home? Where exactly is home? This beautiful and peaceful place that now seems so familiar and inviting, the house whose every nook and cranny is known to me, this cozy little world of two that we have built for ourselves so far away from all our loved ones? Or is home the warm, crowded, bustling and slightly overwhelming place where we grew up, where so many people think about us and ask for us and miss us everyday?

Tough question indeed! Impossible to explain all this to an American colleague, comfortably ensconced in her familiar surroundings, with family and friends at the most, perhaps, a hundred miles, and more likely, only some ten miles away. It feels good, I cheerfully replied instead.

Update: I forgot to add, thanks for all your encouraging comments and sound advice on my last post friends! It feels good to be back in the blogging world too!


7 responses to “Back home!

  1. I know what you mean. For me, there are three types of home. One is where my family is, two is where my friends are and three is wherever I happen to be.

    The old phrase, “wherever I lay my hat” comes to mind. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to travel both for leisure and work. What I have discovered is, by talking to the locals, one instantly feels at home. It might have something to do with subconsciously realising that barring a few cultural differences and language, we are all much the same.

    The best way to deal with holiday blues, is to plan your next adventure.

    Oh and try not to look through the holiday snaps virtually everyday – I’m terrible for that.

    Take care

  2. Onset: You said it right! I feel the same about talking to the locals and feeling at home. That’s exactly how I got so comfortable in this new place. But the problem is when you go back home to India, you realize all that you’ve been missing despite being so comfortable out here. Sigh! I guess if you want to live in different places, there’s no getting away without a little homesickness.

    And you are absolutely right about the snaps, I’ve been trying hard not to look at them all week! Btw, nice to see you here and hope to see you again! 🙂

  3. You have touched a sensitive topic, my friend!

    I have been living outside India now for past 11 years and I still don’t know, where is it exactly ‘home’? All year round I look forward to my India trip. Like everyone else, can’t wait to see family, hug my mum, my dad, my sis(can’t imagine life without her) and my Molly (our GSD) and ofcourse the in-laws (please don’t ask me why they are last on the list, no prizes for guessing!)

    After good five weeks with the family, I seriously look forward to coming back to ‘our home’ in Melbourne, I do! Where as you said, from a spoon to the garden pots, is all bought and arranged by us. Every corner is familiar, each stuff is ours.

    After about 2-3 months of being back, I start looking for deals and make bookings to go back and see the family and tell family ‘we’re coming ‘home’ on the so and so date’.

    I think, India is home for me till my parents are alive, once they are gone(inevitable), I think I will sadly loose all connections to India. Its a very sad thing to say, but that’s what I think will happen. But stop! how will I feel when I have kids and they have no idea of their culture and belongings ?? Being here 11 years, I am a fultoo desi still. I think I am more desi than my contemporaries in India, if you ask me! I have to take my kids back to see my ‘India’, ain’t I ? What about my in-laws. As a responsible daughter-in-law, I will go back to see them or may be later bring them here.

    Oh god, my heard hurts now!

    So where exactly is this ‘home’. For people living outside ‘India’ I think this is a million dollar question that stays unanswered. For now, its safe to say, home is where your heart is!! – BUT where is this ‘heart’…hahahhahha

    Me: LOL at the no prizes for guessing part… 😉 You are right yaar – almost everyone I know here has the same dilemmas. And about the heart, it should stay firmly with you I feel! 🙂

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