An unpleasant surprise this morning…

I wake up around seven most weekday mornings and switch on the laptop before I even brush my teeth. (And get a good dressing-down from the husband whenever he catches me at it of course!) By the time I am ready to start making breakfast the laptop is booted and all ready for the day. I usually open two tabs in the firefox window, one for the live CNN-IBN streaming news channel, and another for my wordpress blog. Quickly scan my blog for comments, while the newscaster drones on in the background. Hmm… no new comments this morning – okay, nothing unusual there!

Next step is my favorite mommy blog – must find out what the darling brat and bean have been upto yesterday. I wait impatiently for the page to load. The first time the error message pops up, I think there must be a mistake. ‘This blog is open to invited reader only’! Whatever happened overnight, I wonder? There is a place for invited readers to sign in to view the blog. Am I an invited reader? I don’t think so. I sign in anyways, no harm in giving it a try. No luck again, just as I had thought. By the time I get to office, I’m on the verge of behaving like a certified addict. I want my daily fix of the TMM’s writing now!

I think of emailing her and asking for permission but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I am puzzled by this sudden decision to go private. There must be a good reason, of that I feel sure. CeeKay’s and Poppin’s mom’s blogs provide the answers. Since I don’t understand the issues completely (nobody I know has linked to the actual offending posts), I can’t comment on them. But without going into specifics, let me say the pettiness of a personal attack on the web is shocking!

Now I have disagreed with TMM on several topics in the past. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I admire her writing style and identify with a lot of her views. Again, I’m sure she’d be the first to agree with me that there must be other equally good, perhaps better, bloggers around. But in terms of honesty, warmth and personal touch and the simple ability to connect with her readers, I have not come across a better blogger than TMM. I love her lively and hands-down approach to parenting and I love the fact that she cares so much for each and every little facet of her babies’ childhood. And then there are the babies of course. Sweet, innocent and playful little people. We, as readers of TMM’s blog, have seen them grow up through the snaps and anecdotes that she so generously shares with us. Now whether it is prudent to post them in the first place is for her to decide and for us to only (and civilly) debate over.

I love reading mommy blogs and frequently file away tips while reading them for the babies I want to have someday. I also love the warm fuzzy feeling reading about the little ones gives me and the thrill of sharing a small part of a sweet baby’s childhood. But I am aware there are folks who don’t feel the same. My own husband finds my habit of gushing over strange babies very amusing. So yes, I respect your opinion if you feel babies are not an important part of your life. And it’s perfectly fine if you find mommy bloggers boring or annoying for your own personal reasons. Sure, go right ahead and express your views on the matter on your own blog. But please make sure you don’t hurt anybody in the process!

We all blog about things important to us. I know a blogger who writes extensively about cricket, lots of folks who only do movie reviews and a father who writes solely about his son. I don’t see anybody criticizing these people for not having a life outside of cricket/movies/their children. And I can understand somebody writing on politics or religion and inflaming passions in the process. But what could be more harmless than a young mother writing about her two little babies?

In case somebody, including TMM herself, is wondering why am I getting so fired up over this issue, let me clarify my stand. I am not writing this solely in support of TMM, although that is an intention too. More importantly, I am mourning a personal loss here. I hate the fact that I will not be getting my daily dose of the brat, bean and their crazy-sweet antics anytime soon. I’ve been reading about these little ones for months now and look forward to their antics as one would look forward to playing with one’s favorite friendly child next-door. I have also enjoyed TMM’s stimulating writing and the different ways in which she makes me think and question my own beliefs. I shall miss that very much too.

For all this and lots more, I truly hope she changes her mind and returns to the blogosphere very soon.


7 responses to “An unpleasant surprise this morning…

  1. Yeah, I discovered this one….and found the actual blog too. Pretty rude that! One should always refrain from making comments about something that may perhaps be right for someone else…and that too publicly !

  2. M: Exactly my point! It’s ok to have an opinion, even express it politely, but definitely not good to deliberately go around hurting people in the process.

    SM: Thanks! That’s great new! And is this your first time here? Hope to see you again! 🙂

  3. “More importantly, I am mourning a personal loss here.”-I completely agree with you on this. I just came back after attending my grandmom’s funeral to find that MM’s blog is for invited readers only. I am yet to read about her reasons for doing so. Hope she lets us peek into Brat & Bean’s lives once again.

  4. Lavs, she has opened a new blog. The link in my blog roll is now updated!

    SM, Oh! I didn’t recall the name. My apologies! 🙂

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