Happy 2008!

Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy, prosperous, healthful and exciting 2008!

This must be my shortest post ever. We slept late last night and have a long day ahead of us today – we will probably go to Boston for some more sightseeing for the cousin – so I’ll be brief here. We brought in the New Year at a local Indian restaurant last night – a nice dance show, good food, great music and some wonderful and crazy dancing on our part!

Neither the husband nor I can dance very well, I am simply good at copying others while the husband’s dance is one of a kind! He has patented his own dance form – I do not have words to describe it – but I love the way he dances with crazy abandon without a care for who is looking. I am a complete contrast and mostly self-conscious (I enjoy my dance much more when no one is around) but give me a nice friendly crowd and some good dancers around whose steps I can copy and I can have a lot of fun too.

Thankfully, that’s exactly how things turned out last night. We were there with another couple, good friends of ours, and all four had a wonderful time. The icing on the cake was that I won a raffle for the first time in my life and am now the proud owner of an 8 GB Apple nano iPod! The cutest reaction was from my mother-in-law who is probably not familiar with the concept of a raffle – ‘Tula lottery lagli!’, she shrieked with excitement! (You won a lottery!)

Let me leave you on that high note for now. Have a great year ahead friends!


8 responses to “Happy 2008!

  1. Lavs – Thanks! 🙂

    Timepass – Cool name! 😉 I’m glad you liked the Ganpati posts. Childhood nostalgia is wonderful, isn’t it?

  2. Hi JnM,

    Happy new year to you too…
    im new to blogging world… and liked all your posts..

    Looking forward to our blog friendship..
    i have started mine in wordpress too and like it very much…

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