What can I do?

The husband and I are hooked onto the National Geographic and History channel these days. But while I am intrigued by a lot of their stuff, their series are not very different from my favorite sitcoms in the sense that I tend to forget about them once I switch off the television, there’s nothing in there that makes a tangible difference to my life. Till today, that is, when a series on global warming chilled me to the core and really spurred me into some action.

Now it’s not as if I’ve been living in a bubble all these days and had never heard of the concept of global warming, but it was always something that people kept talking about as a distant potential catastrophe hundreds of years away. In fact, I remember reading a semi-fictional novel a few years back which scoffed at the idea, saying there was no such thing as global warming, it was a sinister global conspiracy and what not! Ever since, I have taken these dire predictions with a pinch of salt.

So perhaps you could say I was living in a bubble after all. And while I still am not sure whether global warming is about to threaten our existence next year or if it is just a figment of some paranoid mind’s imagination or more likely is something very dangerous somewhere in between those two extremes, I know one thing for sure – if there’s something I can do to help in my own small way, I definitely want to do it now.

But how and where to start? A quick Google search and I had all the information I wanted. There were sites explaining the science behind the phenomenon, others offering quick estimates of my carbon footprint, and lots of handy tips to minimize our impact on the environment. The husband and I talked it over and we realized there were some simple things we could do at once, like turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees, carrying our own shopping bags to the grocery store and ditching forever our dream of owning an SUV someday.

At once – I really cannot emphasize the urgency of this phrase enough. If what I’ve heard and read so far is true, it might already be too late and even if we still have some time left, there’s surely none to dither and debate and waste. Sure, our generation might just about get away with doing nothing right now, but what about our kids? Is a ruined planet the kind of legacy we want to pass on to them?

So if you feel convinced friends, I have a small suggestion. How about if all of us get together to pool our ideas, inspire each other and take up this challenge? There’s a whole lot of stuff we can do with just some tiny changes in our everyday activities. Like this small community in New Hampshire that has taken on the global warming challenge, we could spread the word and try to do something through our small blogging community.

So friends, how about it? Do you feel just as seriously about this issue? If yes, what have you or your community been doing to help? Or do you think I’ve gone completely bonkers? All opinions and suggestions are welcome, so please do write in! And please take a minute to answer this poll which, tech-unsavvy programmer that I am, took me more than an hour to set up! (Okay, I exaggerated a bit, but you get the picture, don’t you? :-))


3 responses to “What can I do?

  1. Global warming is a serious problem. We should not only think about ourselves, but our kids’ future as well. Every little thing helps. I’ll return to read about your global warming challenge.

  2. Thanks Leafless, I’m not sure whether to ahead with this right now – the response has been rather bleak. I’ll just keep posting my thoughts on this from time to time and see how it goes. Do keep visiting though!

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