Latest addition to my list of fun American pastimes

Drive-ins are supposedly a dying business in the United States, so I guess the husband and I were lucky to uncover one in the nearby town of Hyde Park (incidentally, the home of former President FDR). We were driving past the town on Friday evening when a huge open air screen in a pretty little park intrigued us and we just had to stop over and investigate.

“The show’s just started, you can still make it, seven dollars each!”, the attendant at the entrance welcomed us. On a whim, we decided to go in. It was twilight, and the twinkling headlights from cars scattered around the park looked like tiny fireflies beckoning us.

The atmosphere inside was young, vibrant and fun. Both families and groups of youngsters alike were in a mood to party outdoors. Most people were seated in their cars with their FM stereos on full volume (the audio for the movie was available on a particular FM channel), while some lounged about on lawn chairs outside and a lively group of teenagers danced to the title music, huge FM stereos in hand.

The movie we had so unsuspectingly walked into, ‘Get Smart‘, turned out to be a complete Bollywood masala potboiler masquerading as a sophisticated Hollywood spy movie. The plot was absurd and the buffoonery in the action sequences has to be seen to be (dis)believed. Some of Govinda’s or Rajnikant’s movies might be saner, I think. It wasn’t too bad for an action comedy though, we got a few good laughs out of it.

I was about to start moaning over our decision to pay fourteen bucks for such a movie, when I discovered, to the delight of my kanjoos desi heart, that the drive-in charged a one-time admission fee and let you stay and watch as many movies as you wished to! Make that doubly delighted, since we were about to (very reluctantly) drive away when we made this discovery. The next movie was one I had been dying to watch and no prizes for guessing we stayed back to watch it.

Sex and the City‘ turned out to be a fun girly movie. Fans of the television series are sure to love it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but the husband claimed to be somewhat bored. I heard him chuckling more than a few times at some of the bawdier jokes though, so I am not sure how much I’ll believe him on that. But I’ll concede the movie seems a tad stretched, it might have worked better perhaps with about half an hour chopped off. And do make sure you watch it alone or with a close friend/partner if you are a prude like me. Some of the steamy scenes in it are simply unbelievable!

The husband and I had a great time overall, we enjoyed the cool breeze and complete privacy. (I’m sure the frazzled young couples in crowded Indian cities like Mumbai would love this concept!) Families seemed to be having a great time too. The kids were happy to run around and ignore the movie and the parents were equally happy to ignore the kids and enjoy a movie without worrying about irritated glances from fellow patrons for a change.

So would you like to visit a drive-in theatre? Just move back your seats, put up your feet, turn up the stereo and have a blast! And don’t forget the popcorn now!


6 responses to “Latest addition to my list of fun American pastimes

  1. It must have been a great experience. I remember this scene from yonder movies seen ages ago. I didnt know it still existed. Great yaar. Next time I come to Umreeka, I would want to sample this.

  2. WOW!!! You and the husband keep exploring new stuff all the time 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to experience the drive-in theater. Havent got a chance yet. Will google it up and see if somethings available in my city 🙂
    Sex and the city was good? I havent watched even one episode of the soap yet want to watch the movie. I’m sure if not anything, you’ll get to see a lot of fundoo dresses and accessories 😀

  3. Yeah Manpreet, I had also heard of it from old books and had no idea I’d actually stumble across one! It’s fun, do try it next time you come here. Btw, any chance of that happening sometime soon? NY-side? 🙂

    Thanks M, we like to think of ourselves as explorers! (Fluttering eyelashes here!) SATC was okay, general timepass, good fashion and girly fun.

    They are fun Manasa, in fact I just discovered (via Google, where else) that there is one in India too! (Somewhere near Ahmedabad.) The first link in my post should give you some idea of what drive-ins are all about.

  4. Hi jottingsandmusings, first time on your blog… Hopped over from IHM’s link on her post about your comment. Liked your blog very much and will drop in again. Drive -in movies somehow remind me of ‘The Wonder Years’, ever seen it?

  5. Welcome S.M.A.R.T! Nice nick btw. 🙂 Naah, I never saw Wonder Years, heard about it from lots of people though.

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