The post where I happily eat my words!

I am happy to admit, I was wrong! ‘A Prisoner of Birth‘ is not perhaps Jeffrey Archer’s best, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it not very far behind his best. Coming on the heels of the eminently disappointing ‘False Impression‘, it is an unexpected treat for fans like me. The Mirror’s review summed it up best, I thought – If this is what being locked up in prison does to an author, we better lock up the rest of them!

Jeffrey Archer returns to familiar grounds with this grand revenge saga coupled with his favorite rags-to-riches story. A recurring thought in my mind while I was reading was, Salim-Javed would have spun a fine Amitabh movie from this familiar (to Hindi movie fans) redemption drama!

Danny Cartwright, a bright but unpolished East Ender falls on the wrong end of the law thanks to a combination of bad luck and a quartet of particularly unscrupulous West Enders. He is innocent, but all appearances are stacked against him in favour of the not so innocent. Just when it seems all hope is lost, Danny is thrust on to a journey to prove his innocence and make himself a fantastic fortune in the bargain, setting the stage for an exciting and well-crafted novel, in my opinion.

The pace is not comparable to say a ‘Da Vinci Code‘, but Archer regulars will find this an exciting read in itself. My favorite parts of the book were the courtroom scenes towards the end where… No, let me not say more lest I give the plot away. I’ll urge you to enjoy the book and find out for yourself instead.

A word of caution before I end. If you were never an Archer fan and find his work verbose and boring, you will most likely not enjoy this book either. ‘A Prisoner of Birth’ is a fine tale, but it is an old-fashioned one told in the best of the Jeffrey Archer tradition. You have been warned!


3 responses to “The post where I happily eat my words!

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, I AM an Archer fan.
    Thank you girl for this review. Would find the book and do a post on it later. And it will contain grateful thanks to you.

  2. I lapped so many Archer novels in such quick succession once upon a time, I don’t remember any one distinctly now. Then I enrolled for a course in English Literature and realised to my horror that all these years I had been reading pulp fiction, nothing that I could boast about in my class. So I’m still trying to make up for all those lost years by reading “good” books. Won’t touch Archer with a bargepole for some more time.

  3. Hi D, first of all, welcome here and thanks for visiting!

    Yeah, I know! If you read my earlier post on books – Kitabon Mein – I have written exactly that! I am an unabashed and avid reader of pulp fiction, and with the exception of some classics and a bit of non-fiction very little else! 🙂

    Although I am not ashamed of admitting it, it would still be nice to read some ‘good books’ as you say. Would you please recommend a good one to start with?

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