Are they talking about the same weekend?

For months now, I have been urging my parents to take a short holiday somewhere. They finally planned to spend three days in Lonavla last weekend, attending an Art of Living program. I spoke with them last night, eager to find out if they enjoyed themselves.

“Hi Aai, how was your weekend?”

“Oh, it was fabulous! We had a great time, the campus was lovely, the food was good and I loved the concept behind Art of Living… We had such interesting group discussions, you know… There was one session in particular where we formed groups of three and narrated our life stories to the group… that was such a therapeutic experience, I tell you!”

And lots more in the same vein. I was just starting to feel smug and happy when a few minutes later –

“Hi Baba, how are you? Did you enjoy the weekend?”

A dramatic sigh was followed by a reluctant “It was oookay but I wouldn’t pay good money to go there again!” Notice the long-drawn okay folks.

“But… but Aai said it was fabulous”, I stammered.

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad. They taught us some good asanas and pranayams but wasted so much time in meaningless philosophical discussions!”

They couldn’t be talking about the same weekend now, could they? I was reminded of the numerous times the husband and I have had diametrically opposite views on the same things. Not you too, Aai-Baba, I thought, and burst out laughing. This guy sure knew what he was talking about!

11 responses to “Are they talking about the same weekend?

  1. Oh yes, it happens all the times, not only in the husband-wife cases, but also amongst friends. Well, that is how we all are, looking at the same thing from different perspectives.

  2. It’s Elementary My Dear Mrs. Eloquant ! Apart from possessing naturally divergent -yet complementing – traits, your parents must be confronted with RELATIVELY differeng TIME VALUE scales in their daily routines.

    ( Surely in your Baba’s profession, Cost vs. Benefit principle seems to be the guiding MANTRA. If so, one should only be surprised, had their views converged on the “VALUE” of those philosophical discussions ! )

    Indeed, your parents would not have even remotely considered that their spontaneous assessment of the programme would turn into such a racy tale.

    Kudos for such perceptive observations and wttty way of expressing them.

  3. Lol! My parents refuse to go on a holiday unless they’re accompanied by one of us. Could have something to do with finally coming to terms with the Mars and Venus theories.

  4. The calm and sane person among us as always, Manpreet-ji!

    You bet M! Why don’t you share your stories? Should be fun! 😉

    Ditto for you too Chakli, how about some stories from you too? 🙂

    Yeah D, something good has to come out of so many years of marriage, right? 😉

    Hi Baba, back again, with an old nick this time, I see! And thank you, thank you!

  5. Thanks SMART! Yes, I liked your tag, got down to it as soon as I read your post. Mine should be up in a while now!

    Thanks How do we know!!! And welcome here, hope you’ll keep visiting. I hopped over at your place too, and enjoyed myself.

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