A totally unique post!

10 AM. Office. I had already spent more than an hour alternately staring at the empty desk in my cubicle and the beautiful scenery outside. Then I tried calling up my friends who were naturally too busy to take my call this early on a weekday morning. So I was bent upon dragging my daily call with Aai as much as possible, asking after all the aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors I could think of!

“What’s the matter? Why are you so eager to talk today?”, my dear Aai was both pleasantly surprised and very suspicious.

“Umm… the technical services guys took away my laptop, it had some kind of virus. Now I have nothing to do!”, I reluctantly confessed.

“Oh! Why don’t you go for a walk then?” That was my ever-practical mom’s suggestion.

“They took away my laptop, Aai! Do you realize what that means? I have so much data in there that I haven’t yet backed up, its weeks of work!”, I moaned.

“Okay. Then why don’t you write a blog post? That should relax you a bit.”

“Mom, don’t you listen to me at all? I don’t have my laptop, how can I blog?”, I asked, exasperated.

“Why, doesn’t your office have simple pen and paper?”, Aai was quick with her response.

She had a point! How shocking that the thought never occurred to me! Slightly annoyed, I decided to take up Aai’s challenge. (Now you understand the title, don’t you? How many posts have you written by hand, tell me?)

I wrote a few lines and stopped. One of the sentences didn’t sound quite right, I searched for the backspace button for a while before scratching the line, furious with myself. And those ants and insects crawling across the paper couldn’t be my once oh-so beautiful handwriting, could they? And why was my hand so unsteady, why did it start to ache after just two paragraphs? I tried to think of the last time I had written this much. That was probably during my last engineering exam, four years ago. No wonder then!

I stared at the scribbled pages, wondering if I would be able to make sense out of this mayhem when I finally got hold of a computer. Or perhaps I could just scan the pages and let you guys test your code-deciphering skills instead? Now that was a great idea! But I had to admit, I had forgotten how to write after all. My English teacher would have been so disappointed!

Edited to add: This was written yesterday. I spent the whole of Thursday and half of Friday chatting around with friends, dozing at my desk and generally being a nuisance around the office with absolutely no work accomplished. It was an amazing feeling, I tell you! I felt like one of those sarkari babus in Office Office.

Thankfully, I did get my system back with all my data intact this afternoon, and some fast and furious work from then on ensured I was able to meet my deadline for this week. Phew! At least I can now enjoy my weekend in peace. Psst… an Important Event is coming up this weekend, stay tuned for more!


9 responses to “A totally unique post!

  1. Ah, how technology cripples us! I still love the feel of a fountain pen on paper, but rarely take the time to do that. While I’d been working on a comp right after college, I stay in touch with the act of ‘writing’ by maintaining a diary – a personal journal – but with my blog, I’ve dispensed with that as well.

  2. Waiting for the account of the IE to happen this weekend. Some suspense you created.
    Well, I still write with the old old pen and paper, have to at times. But the blogposts are always typed out straight from the heart into the keyboard. I remember I didnt write my PhD thesis my own handwriting and my guide was happy with me (I have a reasonably good handwriting though). He usually had had to struggle with people’s handwritings.
    Loved the way you put it up. Made me first smile, then laugh out loud.

  3. Well i am not very computer friendly still i find it very convinient to type on it..I do write on paper though..come to think of it the last time I wrote with a pen was just last week..a letter to my brother for Rakhi..I get the same withdrawl symptomsand am really lost when my cell phone crashes even for few hours!!

  4. I like writing my posts on paper in free time and when brainwave comes. I feel I write more in flow on paper than on computer. I can structure the post in a better way on paper and finally I just type it, finalize it and publish. I dont feel that comfortable sitting at desk and typing while thinking. I’m able to think more with a pen and paper.

  5. D, Mampi, Anon and Reema – Wow, all four of you continue to ‘write’ in some form or the other! I am impressed! Looks like I am the only duffer who’s fast forgetting the skill! 😉

    And welome here Reema, nice to see your comment. I’ve been on your blog before and liked it very much.

    Mampi, that is so sweet of you to show so much interest! Next post coming up right away and especially for you Ma’m! 🙂

  6. Totally agree !! I never occurs to us that there can more than one way of ‘writing’ a post 🙂 And you are so right about the handwriting part. I miss my beautiful handwriting and all the praises I received for it 😦
    What technology makes of us…..sigh!

  7. I have decided to write once in a while and see if my handwriting skills come back M! I don’t want my kids to think I am lying when I tell them stories from my childhood. 😉

  8. Hey!

    that brought a smile….we talk about being bound to work thanks to laptop and mobile but one day without either and you start to feel handicapped. 🙂

    As for writing with pen and paper I always carry some with me on journeys so all my posts on travel are initially hand written, that keeps the practice going. But yes both speed and neatness have taken a massive beating.

  9. Hi Pinku, I’m so sorry for the late reply, was kinda caught up in different things. And wow, one more person keeping up with the writing habit? I am starting to feel lazy and lax now!!!

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