The Important Event Post!

So – for those of you who read Friday’s post and have been waiting with bated breath to clear up the Important Event mystery ever since (go on, say yes and humor me please), here comes the grand announcement to the tune of drum rolls and bandbaaja – the husband and I celebrated three years of married squabbles and bliss (yes, in that order!) this weekend. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is a pretty big deal for us, so please to excuse the excessive buildup and suspense friends!

I wore a beautiful new peacock blue kurta on the occasion and looked very pretty, or so I was repeatedly told by you know who. (And of course that IS the most important part and HAD to be told first!) We took the afternoon train to New York City to celebrate our big day, in time for a romantic walk along the entire length of Brooklyn Bridge and back at sunset. (I kept expecting the husband to break into song and serenade me Shah Rukh Khan style on the bridge, but it was pretty crowded plus the husband is a notorious spoilsport in these matters, so…!)

A brief stop at Lexington Avenue for a lipsmackingly delicious desi meal later, we sat bang in the middle of Times Square for a while, soaking up the excitement and atmosphere of the City before heading back home to our sleepy little rural town at midnight.

So that was the highlight of my weekend folks. I really wish I could post some pictures of our day to make up for the disappointing end to the Important Event mystery, but editorial policy (read parents and the husband) strictly forbids them, I am told! 🙂


16 responses to “The Important Event Post!

  1. Hey, Happy Anniversary! Wish you many more happy ones to come. What a cute way to spend the day. I wish we lived close to a big city…..ANY big city. But no such luck.

  2. Happy Anniversary, and many happy anniversaries for the coming years. I can find myself walking a couple of steps behind you on the Bridge. It has been a while since I been there, so I will soak in your description.
    But sincerely, it was a great way to spend the day.
    God bless you.

  3. WOW !!! That was beautiful 🙂 Hearty congratulations on your anniversary and wish you both many many many more 🙂

  4. Thank you all. Your goodwill and wishes overwhelm me – I did not really expect this reaction when I wrote my post. (Yeah, sounds so fake, I know!) No, but really! Thanks again friends! 🙂

    You know Chakli, I like living in a small town myself, but once in a while the Mumbaikar in me comes out and then we head to NYC!

    Mampi, so that was YOU following us! 😉 Just kidding. Thanks so much for your heartfelt wish dear.

    Ha! Sure, I will. Thanks for reminding CW! 🙂

    D – Sorry, this family does not believe much in gifts. One of us is too lazy, and the other hates shopping! 😉

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