Babies, Going Green and a Movie!

Is it just me or do you feel uncontrollably drowsy in a moving car too? I have heard babies have this habit of going off to sleep the minute they step into a car, some friends of ours kept this as a last resort option to calm down baby when all else – monkey faces, lullaby singing and frantic rocking – failed. So is this another of my childlike habits, or are adults prone to the fall-asleep-in-car syndrome too?

Yesterday marked the first time the husband and I successfully remembered to a) pack in reusable paper bags that were so far gathering dust at home, b) carry them from the car to the grocery store and c) request the cashier to use them instead of plastic. Phew! Despite all our good intentions, this is the first time we managed to achieve all three together!

The cashier at the Indian grocery store seemed pretty surprised incidentally and everyone else in the queue kept eying us with what looked like surprised, amused, admiring, indulgent and in some cases, sadly, cynical looks. On a more positive note, there is also our local farm store that offers brown paper bags free of cost, and also gives a small discount if you bring your own, to encourage reuse. I wish the Indian store would take note too!

We went out for a movie for the first time in months, or so it seemed to me, last night! Ghost Town is a happy-sad, sweet and funny movie, one I would recommend for a fun Saturday night out with friends. I was initially apprehensive about the title, (I must be the biggest scared puss ever!) but while the movie IS about ghosts, they aren’t really ghostly ghosts, if you know what I mean! I especially liked the part where Dr. Pincus (a funny name in itself – try pronouncing it a little differently!), a man whose people skills leave much to be desired, slips into dental jargon when pushed into an awkward position, those scenes are simply hilarious!

Surprisingly for such a light comedy, the movie managed to slip in a beautiful message amidst all the tomfoolery. We all know we get to live only once and none of us know how much time we have left, yet do we really stop to think – How can I best use the time I have? If I die this very moment, can I die in peace, knowing I lived my life to the fullest and did my best for the people I love? Or will I leave behind regrets, unanswered questions and unfulfilled promises?


13 responses to “Babies, Going Green and a Movie!

  1. So is this another of my childlike habits, or are adults prone to the fall-asleep-in-car syndrome too? – Definitely, yes. I do, fall alseep if sitting in the front seat. Of course, it is dependent on how much you trust the driver 🙂

  2. You bet Hemanth! 😉 In my case its almost always the husband driving and I trust him completely, so sleep it is for me!

    And the poor guy has to rely on loud music to keep himself awake. I don’t know how many bad looks I get when I am sleeping though! 🙂

  3. My babies used to be like that, but no more the same, now that they are not babies anymore. I do love to sleep in the car but seldom do because the babies who used to sleep dont sleep anymore and I have to be on my toes (not literally of course) to go on answering their endless queries.
    Nice post… and the last paragraph is always my philosophy too. How can I pack in more in my time and effort. Guess we should all sleep happy-one sleeps happy when one knows one has put in all that one could.

  4. I cannot sleep unless I am lying down and definitely not in a moving car. I envy people who can. Sigh
    Keep carrying those bags to the shop. May be a few more of the onlookers will be inspired?
    Ever since I reached 50 in May this year, I often think about death in a ‘real’ way. And your last thought has again got me thinking about it. hmmm

  5. Ha! I’m such a bad navigator I cant begin to tell. Which is exactly the reason why G got a GPS, cos I would doze off with the map. Now, its stuck to the windshield while I zzz….
    Well, you know my experiences with the GPS though 😀

    That bit about Going Green – I could relate to very well. We carry our own bags too and sometimes we also carry a drag-along bag. Everyone is for some reason surprised and Indians in the Indian store, shocked! But I just smile back (now that I have a halo over my head:) )

  6. thanks for reminding me to pull out those whole food bags that i have sitting in the darkest corner of a closet and actually use ’em!!!!!

    and i get nauseous in car if eyes are off the road even for a brief moment. yuck. it sucks.

  7. I use recyclable bags when going grocery shopping. 🙂 Just doing my little part to “save the planet”!

    Ahh, I think everyone gets drowsy in a moving car (well, except the driver who is concentrating on driving!). I think it has something to do with the smooth momentum of the car, especially when it is cruising at the same speed for awhile. My sister ALWAYS falls asleep in a moving car, and she does the same thing during take-off and landing on a flight – for whatever reason! Haha.

  8. Mampi, Arti, babies ruin one’s sleep, do they!!! I couldn’t bear that! 😦 My husband teases me with ‘nothing’s more important to you than your sleep’! 😉

    Oh, I hope you are not thinking too seriously about them Usha! You are the most young-hearted amongst us, remember? 😉

    Yeah D, join the husband’s club in teasing me on my kumbhakaran style habits!!!

    Hey, hi there Snippets – nice halo! 🙂

    Naah, not yet Roop! 😉

    Yeah Sindhu, I try too! First time I succeeded. 🙂 But it felt good! Your sis is lucky, isn’t she? I sleep in cars but planes are a different story now. Am too much of a scared puss about plane rides!

  9. Don’t worry my wife allways falls asleep in the car. I think all women do i see it very oftenon the road and when our next door neihbours come back off holiday or day trips he allways has to wake his wife up!

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