Baby’s Day Out!

The husband had some work in Washington D.C. on Monday and I used the opportunity to tag along, bunk work and spend a wonderful day in the National Mall area of D.C., taking in the sights and lots of pictures, all for you guys of course. We have been there several times before, but the fun of roaming around aimlessly with no one to prod you along is something else, I tell you!

Early morning, the husband dropped me off at Constitution Avenue and I walked around merrily without a plan…

… stopping to take pictures of pretty little street corners on the way.

And then I turned a corner and this is what I saw… no, seriously!

Imagine turning around a bend and coming across THE most famous address in the country! I was surprised, shocked and excited all at once, to put it very mildly. One would think I would have had a fair idea of what to expect after wondering about the security guys popping up from behind every other tree – but I am the original naive girl, I am!

Is that Uncle Sam on the right, mowing his lawn this nice October morning? Somehow, I don’t think so!

It felt strange – the National Mall area was uncharacteristically peaceful on Monday morning.

These D.C. moms had the walking track all to themselves!

The school kids were out in full force too!

And this outdoor creche had me fascinated! Who were these kids? Why were they in the National Mall area? Were they out for a baby picnic perhaps?

I took advantage of the lack of crowds and signed up for a free tour of the Capitol.

Our tour guide was amazing! She was a history student with an encyclopedic knowledge of American Presidents and politicians.

The Capitol building itself is BEAUTIFUL!

And finally, I visited the lovely Botanical Gardens right opposite the Capitol.

I had a wonderful time, overall! Before I sign off, let me leave you with our good thought for the day – this board outside the Gardens was a pleasant surprise for me! Please do read it through.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, the baby in the title is NOT me – I was talking about the babies in the pictures of course!


18 responses to “Baby’s Day Out!

  1. The capital buliding is indeed beautiful! Nice pics 🙂
    will keep the free tour in mind when we visit DC…

    Big changes chart…A must see for everyone…

  2. Brought back some good memories of this summer when we’d visited DC 🙂 Quiet nice place it is 🙂 And I loved the buildings there 🙂 And you scored the Capitol tour just like that ?! We had to stand in a queue from 6am for that !! But isnt it worth every penny ? The guides are fabulous and the place breathtaking!

  3. Really lovely pics. Good to know that you had fun all by yourself…I enjoy such days too.

    You’ve made me put this on my “must-visit-before-I-die” list.

  4. Beautiful.
    Wish more of us had the naivety that you have. It always helps retain the innocence. I always find that in your posts, that is why i enjoy reading you.
    THe pictures were a total involvement in your day out in Washington. Thanks for putting them here.
    The best was the blue eco-chart picture. My daughter loved reading it too.

  5. hi! lovely pics! u sure seemed to enjoy ur day. many of us (i mean ‘myself) would hv sulked to not hv company..but u did a great job of not only enjoying urself but also entertaining n informing us by those lovely pics.

  6. I love going to DC whenever I can. We always end up at one of the museums and then at the mall. Love every minute of it. BTW I live in the area…do you?

  7. Yeah, you must try the tour Jira. But go on a weekday, see Snippets’ comment below yours!

    Wow, 6 AM M? I never realized I was that lucky! I just walked in there like a queen… 🙂

    LOL – sure, do it soon Aparna!

    You said it D! 😀

    I am glad your daughter enjoyed my post Manpreet… its important to make kids understand environmental issues right from childhood I think.

    You know what Tulip, sometimes I actually prefer being alone! Yeah, I am weird like that. 😉

    Shilpa – no, I live in NY. But we visit DC often, I have a mausi living there…

  8. I didn’t dare go to the Holocaust museum. I end up crying when I watch movies or read books about it – I am not sure if I can handle it…

  9. Pretty pictures. 🙂 Reminds me of when my family and I visited DC a long time ago.

    I like the message in the last picture, a lot. If we all could do out little bit to help the planet by sparking off small lifestyle changes, there will be a big positive impact at the other end of the road.

  10. Yeah…I ended up crying in the museum seeing pictures of little kids and all that…and everyone in the museum was looking at me like I was crazy!

  11. Yaaay! Well said Sindhu! 🙂

    Sniff sniff… yeah, that’s exactly how my reaction would be too Snippets…

    Thanks Manish!

  12. i loved DC..though I have visited the place only once just for 2 days ..i just can’t stop from asking anyone I know to plan a vacation to that city..what amazing musuems ..and loved walking around those beautiful memorials….the best I found was FDR’s…anyways i need to go there again

  13. We have spent some time in the DC area and there is so much to see. You did really nice photography of the capitol.

    BTW, Jackfruit says no DC album is complete without a pic of the pencil(washington monument). 🙂

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