So what am I up to these days?

Nothing much! Just busy celebrating Diwali and worrying about the economy (or more specifically our jobs). Diwali was a high point and the economy, no surprises there, seems to be a low point for all of us. But there’s no point thinking about it, or so I keep telling myself. My newest resolution is not to worry about stuff I cannot change and it’s been one of the toughest resolutions I’ve made so far. (Yes, tougher than sticking to a diet even!)

In other news, the weather is taking a turn for the worse in our part of the world. Long sunny days, gorgeous fall colors and fabulous autumn sunsets have been making way for bare woebegone trees, 4 PM sunsets (I am exaggerating but we’ll have them soon once the daylight savings come into effect), storms that successfully destroyed an entire day’s hard work (my beautiful kandil and rangoli) in a matter of minutes, freezing rain, sleet and snow that have disrupted my daily walks, chilly winds that threaten to blow your car off the bridge – we’ve had it all in the span of this one month alone. Welcome to the New England winter!

With the combination of bad weather, Diwali and the husband’s B-school applications, we aren’t going out much these days. In fact, I cannot recall the last time we went out for a trek, movie or any sort of fun trip. Oh yes, there was Washington D.C. last month, but that was a semi-work trip too.

But all that’s going to change soon. There’s a Diwali party coming up in NJ this weekend (should be fun!), we’ll be visiting some friends in the Carolinas the weekend after that (I’ve never been that far south before, except for Florida) and the big news is our much-awaited West coast trip during Christmas. We are yet to book our tickets though. I am still hunting for deals, there are some fabulous ones floating around these days, courtesy the financial crisis. (I just knew there was a silver lining somewhere!)

Then there was the surprise baby shower I had organized for a colleague’s wife a couple of weekends back. Total girly fun, I tell you! There were some unbelievably naughty jokes making the rounds and a lot of leg-pulling at the husbands’ expense since they of course were not around. We played dumb charades and pictionary with baby related words (hilarious stuff!), tried guessing our baby picture identities and had a lovely potluck lunch with all the mommy-to-be’s favorite dishes, including khichadi (a very simple non-party dish) which is her current favorite it seems!

There’s a funny side-story to the baby picture game. So we were going to play this game where we guess the babies in the baby pictures. I had asked everyone to get their own pictures as well as their husbands’ and kids’, the more the merrier! Now a lot of us did not have our picture albums in the US, so we asked our families back home in India to scan them for us. The husband’s brother was supposed to help us with ours.

So guess what he does? He emails our pictures to the entire extended family, explaining that they are for a baby shower game and very helpfully clarifying that the baby shower is not for me, it’s for a friend, you see. Talk about hints! This guy is going to hear from me when we head back to India!

Here’s a picture of the baby shower decorations.

And with that, I am off for the day!


10 responses to “So what am I up to these days?

  1. 🙂
    You know what? Recently my boss put up an old picture of her when she was a baby in the lab notice board and we all followed suit! I love seeing those pictures everyday!

    Love the flowers and the pink balloons!

    And thank God for TX weather, it is still autumn here and pleasant! I hate taking the jackets and coats out of storage, and the best part is, some winters I do get away without doing that!!

  2. Aww, the baby shower sounds like it was a good time. 🙂

    I’m curious – where in the Northeast do you live? The weather definitely takes a turn for the worse this time of the year… but I actually kinda miss all of that (believe it or not). Singapore is always so freakin sunny, 24/7! I prefer to have four seasons – at least there is variety!

  3. Baby pictures must have been a lot of fun 🙂
    I know it is difficult to follow, but try not to worry about the economy because I liked what Preeti Zinta said on TV, that she has lost a lot of money, but what’s comforting is that she is not alone, she has the whole world for company.
    And what’s the point of wasting the loveliest years of your life worrying about something you have no control over?

  4. people just love giving baby hints!! 😛

    and the shower sounds like so much fun!! the the room looks fab!

    too bad about dreary weather! hope you have fun weekends!!


  5. The first time I came across your blog was on a cycle trek you had gone to. I was wondering when you would go next and regale us with the description.
    I really wish we could have baby showers in India for GIRL Babies instead of throwing them away in wells as foetuses.

  6. I was wondering why you had not put up any fabulous fall trips. delurking here after a while. I got addicted to this blog after reading through the numerous hikes and stuff. I have a feeling we like pretty close. All the places you go to are close to my place too. 🙂

  7. Hey baby shower sounds so much of fun! Hmm the baby pictures too is a cute idea.And well we Indians love to advise and give the most obvious hints…sp regarding babies, marriage, jobs, in-laws,cooking,gardening…..
    And how I wish we had autumn in Bombay too…

  8. WOW – the place looks sooooo nice 🙂 I’m sure she must’ve been thrilled to see her place decorated this beautifully 🙂 And that baby pictures idea is a hit, gurl ! Thanks for the tip, should use it the next time when there is a baby-shower planned 😀 heehee!

    How’d the gajar ka halwa go this weekend? I’m sure it turned out well 🙂

  9. I love baby pictures too Jira! And no jackets? You, lucky girl, you!!! 😦

    I live in sort-of upstate NY Sindhu, an hour’s commute from NYC actually.

    Yeah, I’m trying IHM… it’s tough but I’m trying! 😀

    Thanks Abha! And yeah, ask me, I am surrounded with baby hints these days! 😉

    Boo hoo, those were fun times Mampi, don’t remind me! I wish I could do something like that again soon and regale you with the stories… :((

    Hey, where do you live Cacophoenix? I am in the Hudson Valley area of NY… Oh, and why don’t you delurk more often?! 🙂

    Oh yes, we simply love giving advice na Arti? Wonder if the same folks like taking advice too? 🙂

    Thanks HDWK!

    The halwa was good I think M, nothing was left for me to bring back home, so it must have been good na? 😉

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