What’s a drink between friends? Part I

So we visited North Carolina last weekend. The husband had his B-school interviews there and an old friend who lives in the area very graciously invited us to stay over at his place. Which was inducement enough for me to tag along, as usual. Now this friend is the husband’s college classmate, but I know him pretty well too. I met the husband through him, in fact, so I’ve been friends with this guy much before I knew the husband and have a fairly good personal equation with him.

The guy’s wife, however, we were both meeting for the second time only. So we were slightly apprehensive about plonking ourselves for three entire days at their place. But both of them were so insistent that we went along. And the hospitality we received was totally unexpected and overwhelming, especially coming from her. She wasn’t very warm or friendly on the surface but appearances are so often deceptive, aren’t they?

We could see she’d gone to great lengths to make us feel welcome. Showing us around all day on Sunday, pre-arranging scrumptious food for our entire stay before we even arrived, offering to work from home for the two weekdays we were there since I was working from home too – all the little touches were there. And the husband and I were totally in awe of her for that.

But why all this background? Patience my friends, there’s a good reason of course – coming up in the next post – stay tuned for that!

P.S. In case you are wondering why this sudden installment style of posting, one of the two pieces of constructive feedback I received on my 99th post was to keep my posts short and readable to hold the reader’s interest. And I am nothing if not prompt in implementing good feedback, as you can see!


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