No words…

I wanted to do a super-excited account of our Vegas trip here. But I have no words for that now. The world seems to have turned topsy-turvy in the four days I was away. My beloved city is at war. And I am very very scared.

My parents live less than a mile away from one of the blast sites. My dad came home a few minutes before the blast. He was just in when they heard a loud noise outside. So they switched on the television only to watch the nightmare unfold onscreen.

I heard some colleagues discuss something about Mumbai in hushed voices in office. Walked back to my desk with a thumping heart and opened Google news. Nothing in the US section. Clicked on the India section and read the horrifying breaking news in disbelief. Called up my parents immediately. They were shaken but safe.

We were to leave for Vegas in a few hours. I had no wish to go. But the tickets were booked and non-refundable. And our families were safe. What do you do under such circumstances? Carry on with life I guess. But with a heavy heart. And a constant urge to look across your shoulder.

Several people in Vegas asked us about India. ‘Is your country safe?’, they wanted to know. I wish I could have answered with a confident yes. A few years ago, I would have. Yesterday, I couldn’t. I think back to the beautiful Mumbai of my childhood. Will we ever feel safe again? I am not sure.


16 responses to “No words…

  1. Same thoughts as mine….not in a mood to go anywhere but the bookings were all done! And someone did that for us…so we couldnt opt out too..

    We heard some weird remarks about India during our trip. Maybe in my next post.

  2. Just back from a vacation too and what a vacation that was !

    Cancelling most sight seeing plans and Sitting inside the hotel room tensely watching the ongoings in Mumbai as the terror unfolded.

    Going out for a candle light dinner and still feeling so consciously guilty about being amidst a calm, happy surrounding.

    I don’t have anyone I know in Mumbai..but it constantly hurt to see innocents going down like that..

    We got similar concerned questions from more than a few people too – total strangers, but touched by the awful news.

    Am so so glad that your folks are safe.
    Stay strong dear.

  3. In another part of India itself, I spend a “normal” day while the commandos were fighting the terrorists in Mumbai. And it felt awful because there was nothing else to do but go on with life!

  4. The world is unsafe now …. not only our country. I wish we could formulate a system that stops terrorism from taking birth – a pipe dream, but so appealing right now

  5. Oh yes LVL, unbelievable but true. But it could have been worse and I thank God it wasn’t.

    What’s the choice D?

    Yes Ritu, can we do that, please? 😦

    Thank you Mithe.

  6. Yes, you are right Mampi.

    🙂 No, she didn’t even try this time! I think she got my silent message. But the other couple from the Bay Area had plenty to say about it. Yippee for me though – I had worked off my rant here, so was cool as a cucumber with them! 😀

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