Obama and the N word

“Congratulations! Your President’s a N…!”

A seemingly drunk man threw this cheery greeting our way as he stumbled past us late on Saturday night. We were about to enter a restaurant and I almost ran to the door in my hurry to get away from him. The husband, walking a few steps behind me, did not catch the words right the first time.

He later told me he heard something like ‘Your President’s a nagger’ and remembered thinking it didn’t make much sense. He could very well imagine the First Lady complaining about it, but how does this guy on the road know so much about Presidential squabbles, he wondered.

So my dear husband proceeded to ask our friend to repeat his words while I almost died of fright and shock! The cheerful proclamation having been repeated in an even louder voice, the husband seemed to finally get it and followed me into the restaurant pronto!

Was our friend on the road bitter about Obama’s ‘historic election’, as the television networks have been reminding us every two minutes for the past six months? Was this his affectionate way of celebrating ‘the first African-American President of the United States’? Or was he just plain drunk?

Whatever the reasons, his words helped put this election into perspective for us. A lot of it may be media sensationalism, but if a random person on the street still addresses his President-elect this way, in jest or otherwise, Obama surely has climbed a very big mountain to get where he is today!


16 responses to “Obama and the N word

  1. Was this person Black or White? While it is offensive for any one to say the N word here, I have heard a lot of (drunk) African Americans use this word while talking to each other.

  2. Agree with u. There are still some Americans who cannot stand people of color. While a lot has changed in the past 40 yrs or so, the way people look at skin color has not. But the majority of America is looking up to Obama for leadership, and that is a testimony of acceptance. Granted, Obama is only half African American and was raised by his mother, still it is a start.

  3. Psyches will take a long time to change.
    am reading Roots by alex haley these days…
    absolutely wonderful,
    everyone but especially Americans need to read this.

  4. I have been watching the LIVE streaming of the Inauguration since morning and I cant explain how proud I am right now of Obama!

    And yeah, he was plain drunk probably and I’ve heard African-American’s use the same banned word on themselves and others! Strange but true.

  5. Obama gave a nice speech this morning!

    I don’t think there is any way for a white person to use that word affectionately-the man was just an obnoxious, drunk racist. It is weird he said “Your President”. Isn’t Obama his President as well?

  6. Right Ritu! I just hope he delivers after showing so much promise now!

    Hmmm… yes Jira. You know, I used to wonder why Obama’s refered to as ‘black’ always. I mean, he is as much white as he is black na?

    And me too Mampi! I’ve been meaning to read it for so long now. Next library trip reminder set! πŸ™‚

    Me too M! πŸ™‚

    Oh yes, I didn’t believe that either, was trying to be sarcastic I guess. And imagine him saying that Minnie when Obama’s only ‘his’ President, not mine in any way at all!!!

  7. I don’t believe it-somebody could be that drunk to call the most powerful person in the world ‘n’? Astonishing and after all the adulation, love and support he has received too..shocking and shameful!

  8. All the eyes are on him. No doubt. But i hate when they say “the first Black President”…why should it be about the color? Why do they highlight that so much? I feel thats just not right.

  9. Yes Mithe! 😦

    Hmmm, I would agree with you Nalini except that these people have such a long history of racial tensions that perhaps this is a big deal for them! I am ambivalent on this…

  10. Oh! there are going to be few everywhere.

    I live in a very conservative part of US where almost 100% voted for Bush. Now one will be amazed to see the jubiliancy over Obama’s triumph. Coming from conservatives it is a big deal.

    Another thing is repeatedly refering of Obama as first African-American Prez. No doubt! it is as irksome as saying first Muslim Prez of India. I mean by doing this we alienate minority.

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