Foot in the mouth disease…

…happens to all of us at times, but a cousin of mine, by an unfortunate coincidence both uncommonly innocent and fearless for her age, suffered especially from the dreadful malady. She’s been known to have asked the most insensitive of questions with the sweetest of smiles and the most angelic expression ever in the good old days of childhood. For her sake (and her husband’s sanity) I hope she’s recovered by now.

Her infamous exploits were many, but this one takes the cake. During a family function at a temple, we cousins spotted an elderly hunchbacked lady doing her ‘pradakshinas’. Now we had never seen a hunchbacked person before and naturally all of us were curious. The question in every mind was the same – how does ajji (grandma/old lady) manage to sleep on her back? Do her legs go up as soon as she lies down?

We were all curious of course, but young as we were, there was this vague suspicion that any questions in that direction might not be taken very kindly. So we kept mum. Except for this cousin, who was fearless, remember? Before anyone could stop her, she went right ahead and popped the question to the lady herself. You can imagine the talking-to we all received later that day!

In my cousin’s defence though, she was just six or seven at that time. I wonder what these folks’ excuse is?


15 responses to “Foot in the mouth disease…

  1. sounds like me asking my blind date who was a sardar “how do they maintain their hair?”!

    poor guy sputtered on his soup and then answered my question me thinks! thank god he had a sense of humour! :p


  2. Are you composing posts in the shower again?

    And those people hang out with people who ask me whether all my kids were planned or whether they are from the same father. People really need to learn to think before opening their mouth.

  3. lol…u guys must have d-i-e-d when she said that…but its nt just ur cousin… i have the foot in mouth disease myself…if u want ur cousin to feel btr, may be she shud read the second part of this post it will make her feel infinitely better, i promise.

    btw, my aunt once asked a visiting neighbour if the gold chain she was wearing was of real gold.this was said in front of some 10 ppl had come visiting. fortunately she was 5 yrs old then so ppl kinda laffed it of…my grand mom wasnt amused tho..

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