A weekend in the mountains

Last weekend, we took off to the Pennsylvania Poconos with a group of friends, eight of us adults and a cherubic two year old. What do I say of the experience?


Picture this – a remote mountainside cottage surrounded with snow. An old-fashioned fireplace to keep us warm. Playing games till 4 o’clock in the morning. Getting up at noon and eating maggi for brunch. Walking out and making a snowman right at our doorstep. Stamping in the snow to loosen it up for our snowman. Giggling at the silliest of jokes and sometimes for no reason at all.


An entire day of skiing and snowtubing. Interesting discussions and lots of banter and laughter. Three days of no internet, no television, no cellphone reception – almost no contact with the outside world. Just plain and simple fun! In short, an idyllic weekend! How I wish we had more of those!

Important note: I will be taking a short blogging break for the rest of February friends – we are off to Mumbai for our annual vacation home. I don’t need to tell you how excited I am, do I?

There’s so much awaiting me – a wedding, an engagement, a family function, my first visit to my very own home (the first time I’ll be seeing it as a home rather than a construction site!), a visit to B’lore and Pune, lots of shopping, hogging and of course meeting up with friends and family. All in the space of two weeks, can you believe it? I wish I could begin already…! 

See you soon friends!


18 responses to “A weekend in the mountains

  1. Sounds like SO much fun. Good times with good friends, nothing better.

    Enjoy the trip to India, and looking forward to some pics of new home, hopefully!

  2. Hi, have been reading your blog but this is the first time commenting and whats best is that now i too own a space in the blogging world:))

    your trip sounds great!!i m sure you had a fun time there and enjoy your visit to home…..
    n yes , i have added you to my blog-roll…..

  3. Time well spent. The kind I love. Just family and friends in a remote place with no access to internet/tv….world 🙂

    Have a fabulous vacation in India and eat all your fav. food.

  4. Hi,

    Thinking of going to the Pocanos the long weekend. Can u tell me where you stayed & the price range(if u don’t mind)?

    Have a safe & Happy trip home.

  5. Oh yes, I will try to get those for sure honeybee! Cannot promise since we have tenants in there now, so will have to check with them first. 😦

    I love your blog name Anon… will stop by soon. If I don’t, please remind me after I’m back, will you? Thanks! And stop saying anon now okay? 😀

    Mmmmm… favorite food! Thanks Solilo!

    Unfortunately not! But we will next year I think, since my sis-in-law’s moving there in a few months…

    Oh! Let me put the tag on my to-do list Enchanted? As soon as I come back? Thanks! 🙂

    Akhila, I honestly wouldn’t recommend the one we stayed in. Leaky roof, icy driveway! But there are many more at the website we used – vacationhomes.com. We paid 675 for the weekend. It was a 3 bedroom plus loft and basement. We were 4 couples sharing, so it wasn’t that bad!

    Oh yes, I am a pucca Mumbaite Mandira! About section mein hain 😀

  6. Wow, thanks so much for the invite Abha! I so wish we could actually meet!!! But my trip’s going to be rather rushed I think with the wedding and all and only a day in B’lore… Don’t want to make false promises, so I’m being honest upfront, hope you’ll understand? I know you will!

    Now if only I’d get a month long vacation someday… 😀

  7. Had been to Lake Tahoe recently for a vacation home-skiing-tubing holiday with two other couples recently and your words sooo described our own trip. 🙂

    You have put it down all so well with least words !

    BTW, wish you a safe and happy journey to India. I don’t need to say, you will..but ‘Have Fun!’ 🙂

  8. Sounds like a perfect kind of break … my idea of heaven!
    LOVE such weekends!!!!
    The second pic is cute 🙂

    Have a great time in India!! Hope to see more pics and more news of what fun you had while here …


  9. Just got back IHM. It was a wonderful trip. Still settling in, will try to post soon.

    Yes, you must. Your schedule sounds too hectic yaar!

    Oh, thanks Jelly Beans! Will get down to it soon.

  10. How I long to be in surroundings. Will one day.

    HOpe you had a good trip. Guess while you were in India, I was busy doing justice to my studies too. So I never knew u were off on a blog-break.
    Post your stuff from the India – trip.

  11. Trip was wonderful, yes! Did you take an exam or something? Okay, don’t answer that, I’ll just hop over to your blog to find that. 🙂

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