Say it with flowers!

Nothing brightens up a room better than a bunch of colorful flowers, I have always believed. And no gift gladdens my heart more than a surprise bouquet thrust into my hands!

So the husband, after almost four years of marriage, is finally learning. Here’s the welcome home gift he got for me a couple of days after we were back in New York.


The husband simply warmed my heart!

Then last week, our office participated in the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days campaign. And I, as usual, forgot to order our daffodils. As I had forgotten last year. When a kind elderly colleague saw my crestfallen face and insisted I keep his daffodil plant.

This year, anticipating my forgetfulness perhaps, he had ordered two. And left one by my desk with a lovely little note explaining the gift.

‘Please don’t!’, I protested, ‘You got me one last time too!’

‘Let’s make it a tradition then, shall we? I’ll get you one next year as well!’


So that, my friends, is my dear little daffodil plant!

And finally there is this dear old lady in our office who’s off on a long leave,  recuperating after multiple knee and hip operations. In the midst of all that excitement and pain, she took time out to send daffodils to all of us who’d sent over a get-well-soon basket to her home last month.


It sounds so simple, doesn’t it, the secret to making others happy?


Now if only we’d remember to do it everyday!


25 responses to “Say it with flowers!

  1. Nice, I love doing up home with a lot of flowers ;just like that! Not done so lately because DIL does it up before I can get to it. Nothing like color and fragrance of flowers to come home to

  2. I think flowers and candles are the best gifts. Our garden is full of Daffodils now welcoming spring.

    Beautiful arrangements of flowers you have.

  3. You know i always thought someone should rather give me some gift instead of flowers or greeting cards. I thought flowers are a waste. They wither next day.That was in my teens though. I was too materialistic then 😦

    I am glad I dont feel that way now and started appreciating the freshness and beauty these flowers impart to our life, even if it is for a day.

    Your flowers are lovely. I can imagine how happy it must have made you. Last year my office colleagues left some flowers and a card on my desk before I reached office on my birthday and it totally made my day. Hubby gifted me some roses on our anniversary this year and I went totally crazy over them.

  4. Hey Ritu, you and your DIL are one lucky pair, aren’t you? To have each other I mean. 🙂

    Oh yes, candles are second-best! I agree…

    Lovely lovely poem!

    Hey, I think you’ll get your wish soon Athira. Intuition.

    Oh, you did D? I have been missing a lot on my favorite blogs lately. Let me hop over…

    Hmmm… actually, flowers are good gifts only when they are thoughtful and when they don’t come all at once. At a wedding, for instance, I wouldn’t even notice the most beautiful bouquet, it would be quite lost na? So the thought matters too I think. Like your colleagues…

  5. 🙂

    very pweettyy!

    and how nice is it to have thoughtful colleagues? one of mine recently brought me donuts from a place just ‘coz i had mentioned they are really good! 😀


  6. Lucky you Abha! I want a donut right now!!! 🙂

    You got it nm, that’s what made me so happy although the flowers are really beautiful too!

    Loved it, loved it, loved it Priya! There’s no problem as such. Just extra stressed at work plus a couple of too-hectic-to-handle weekends since we came back from India. Just feeling tired tired very tired… Otherwise all well. (I think!)

  7. Thank you! Good to see you here. I’ve been on your blog before too, love the way you write. Sorry I never stopped to comment. 😦

  8. I was bored of the old template, this one looks nice and clean na?

    Thanks Manpreet, Biju and Churning!

    Great idea Cee Kay, I checked – we are only about an hour away! (In the Poughkeepsie area.) So when, how, where? Can I email you? Oh, and I haven’t met any blogging friend yet, so this is exciting, but I must warn you – I am terribly shy in first meetings. Hope you can put up with that! 😀

  9. Email me at gettingtherenow at gmail dot com. I live in Norwalk. I have been to the Poughkeepsie area only once, about 8 years ago. We came to the temple there. The bit about you being shy is perfect. So am I!! So we can both sit in separate corners, smile occasionally at each other and start talking when we warm up to each other 😀

  10. Huh?! I thought I had commented here.

    Anyways, this has been one of the most cheerful posts I’ve ever read in recent times 🙂

    I must have re-read it a dozen times in all these days. 😀

  11. Will do CK! 🙂

    Most cheerful post? Let me see… may that be your state of mind these days? 🙂 Congratulations AHK, just read the happy happy news, will hop over to your place to wish you property now!

  12. Lovely pictures 🙂
    … this is the season for flowering trees in India also!

    I have moved o WordPress three days ago and I have the same theme!!!! The funny thing is my blog name won’t fit on it :))

  13. Yes, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting updates from your blog on my Reader IHM! And I am so so sorry to have kept away from your blog (and actually all my favorite blogs) this month. I’ll be back soon, promise!

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