Of musical heaven and bumbling husbands!

Brought up in a household obsessed with Hindi film music, my exposure to any sort of ‘non-Indian’ music is so limited, it’s not funny at all. So when the husband proposed we go to a Yanni concert last Friday, I was skeptical. Isn’t he the guy who played at the Taj Mahal a few years ago, I asked? That was the sum total of my knowledge of the master pianist. But the husband seemed rather keen, so we went. And I ended up being one of the loudest cheerleaders in our part of the stands. Now if only I could whistle, I’d surely have been the loudest!

To say the concert was good is to insult the magic of those two hours. There was divine music, exquisite dancing and a certain special something in the air. It was superb, magical, enthralling – basically out of this world. Tell me – where else do you get to see a big happy smile on everybody around you? The musicians seemed the happiest of the lot. They indulged in oneupmanship and cheered the loudest when their teammates outdid them. There was a special bond amongst them that was a privilege to simply watch. The evening ended all too soon, as is often the case with enjoyable evenings. The band played encore after encore, yet we in the audience hungered for more. We were on our feet, clapping and cheering and basically just refusing to leave!

In my post-concert euphoria, I was all set to be suitably grateful to the husband but that was not to be. On our way out, he asked me if the Taj Mahal guy was any good. With a transparently halfhearted attempt at keeping a straight face. Naturally, he got a withering glare for his efforts. The man is yet to learn when not to press home his advantage!


11 responses to “Of musical heaven and bumbling husbands!

  1. LOL would have asked the same TAj mahal question if i was in a similar situation. But it is good you enjoyed the show.

    Me *shocked expression*: You would? I don’t believe it! Girls are tactical!!! Girls do not bumble things up. Please reconsider!!! 😀

  2. He totally gave away his advantage……. I take it all the gratitude you felt made a quick exit? Though it was priceless (hehe) and maybe it was totally worth it 🙂

    Me: Of course!!! 😉

  3. 🙂
    Trust husbands to come up with these what they think are witty remarks!
    Good to know that you enjoyed the evening!

    Me: Hehe… you got the italics just right!

  4. Actually.. i would have bumbled too…and if i was u(meaning, had the hubby asked me abt the Taj Mahal guy), i wld have laughed sheepishly and admitted that it was a great evening.. (scurries for cover)

    Me: Arre… you need to brush up your skills… fast! 😀

  5. Music hath its own charm..One cannot deny from this fact…and one cannot express the comfort in words one feels …
    Hi Devika,
    Was enchanted to see you on my blog..and was really contented to have such precious words from your side..
    I must say that you owe an excellent flair of writing…
    will bump in to read you archived posts…
    take care

    Me: 🙂 Thanks Geeta… will look forward to you visiting again!

  6. I remember Yanni… he was very popular like a decade ago! I didn’t know he was still playing and giving shows. Glad you had a good time. 🙂

    Me: He’s back after a long hiatus it seems…

  7. Seriously?! You liked Yanni?? Ummmm….i might have to rethink my friendship with you. 🙂

    Me: ??? Sorry, I am totally clueless! You don’t like him kya? I know nothing about the guy but the concert was fabulous I’ll still say! 🙂

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