Hi there!

After such a long gap, it’s difficult to find the right words again. Has something similar happened to you? You know, this feverish blogger phase when the words just seem to flow, when every little thought becomes a lovely thought-provoking post and then, suddenly, nothing! But I do miss blogging. So I decided, today I just had to write something, even if it turns out to be junk. Baby steps are the way to go these days!

So here’s what’s been happening in my life…

I am mid-way into the second trimester of my pregnancy, just about to complete five months. The morning sickness has all gone, but the new problem-of-the-ever-expanding-tummy seems so much worse now! How much more can my skin stretch, I keep asking the husband in frustration every day. To which he lovingly pats baby and gives it an adoring look and asks it to grow some more and make it fast. Yeah right, but what about my tummy?

We had our big ultrasound last week. Where we found out our baby is a… umm…err…  something I had totally not expected shall we say! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeny weeny bit disappointed, but hey, baby’s very healthy, all the tests have been fine so far, so it would be very selfish of me to complain. I’ll just need some time to get used to the idea of being mommy to a baby boy/girl rather than a baby boy/girl I guess!

(Sorry for the secrecy and total confusion friends, all this is just for my dad who reads this blog and for some reason does not wish to know the baby’s gender beforehand.)

Baby’s also super-active it seems. The ultrasound technician kept laughing at its antics throughout. It kept flipping over just when she was ready to take a picture! At the end of it, she asked me to ‘buy good running shoes – you’ll need them’!

Which brings me to – I am so scared of motherhood already! What with the gender shock and the approaching delivery date, its difficult to be the cool never-frazzled mommy of my dreams. The actual delivery is terrifying of course, but I’m more scared of what’s to follow. You mean, the baby’s going to come home with me from the hospital? I have to take care of it 24×7? What if I need a break? And how do I keep it entertained? Should I learn some baby songs now? Or will my usual filmi collection do? But what if baby simply hates my voice?

As you can see, fun times are coming up for us. Hang in there for the ride folks!


11 responses to “Hi there!

  1. Aww ….Hugs!!! Your own voice will be your baby’s favorite voice, even if you just talk and talk and talk, the baby will just love it 🙂 They just want you!! Unconditional love is what a baby gives to the parents (and grandparents) …

    Me: Aww… really? I guess I’ll understand that stuff when baby comes out… perhaps I am worrying too much right now? 🙂

    Loved reading this post…. hope to see regular updates 🙂
    Soon you will love to read all other new mommy and baby blogs … lots to share, lots to enjoy!!! Take lots of pictures of you with the big tummy to show the baby later 🙂

  2. The blogging break has been spreading like the plague – just about everyone is facing the bloggers’ block, which means it’s alright if I do too.

    And for the baby update, loved reading it 🙂 Enjoy your pregnancy and I hope you enjoy motherhood just as much. Take care.

    Me: 🙂 Sure, you take as much of a break as you’d like to and come back fresh and creative again D! Hugs!!!

  3. you both look very cute pregnant 🙂

    I am sure you will do great…..

    Me: Thanks! I’ll let R know what you said… he is going to be very embarrassed! 😉

  4. Babies are easy to please! You just keep on chatting and they enjoy it. They hate to not see you around – quite unsurprising because you are the lunch box! So just be within eyesight and keep chatting – singing – and being yourself.

    Besides even if you make mistakes, they are very forgiving. (It helps that they cant talk and complain you know ….. )

    Have a joyous parenthood.

    Me: This comment was sunshine itself Ritu! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Hello J & M,
    I just read your blog end to end, in the past week, & am going to leave a long comment for you to enjoy……

    Me: Wow, you really did that? I am going to preen for the next whole week thinking about it… 😀

    1)Congratulations…… for the baby boy/girl on the way! I was a very young mother, & best advise I got was: ” Treat your baby like an extra limb.. no extra fuss but suffient care at all points!”

    2)I’m glad to read of some one who loves of Anne of green Gables… my near ones think I’m slightly crazy to be sold on a children’s fiction.

    Me: Oh, Anne is and will be an all-time favorite! I hope to get the kiddo hooked on to it as well… 🙂

    3)I was deeply touched by your comment: “America lost innocence after the Sept 11 Attacks”.. Totally altered my view of the situation!

    4)I do hope you’ll continue to enjoy, write & regale… for you have a new reader! Good day to you. 🙂

    Me: Thanks Tani. It’s good to see you here…

  6. I think this is one best phase of life after courtship or the early marriage days. You might get to have many more pregnancies but you might not be able to get this kind of attention from the hubby. Have a great time and i tell ya enjoy it till the end. I am sure you will have a safe and easy labor and delivery.

    Me: 🙂 I agree. It’s been a lovely bonding time for the two of us so far… touchwood!

  7. Congrats! This is an exciting time for parents-to-be but don’t worry so much about gender. I don’t know why but I think moms-to-be are more nervous and worried about a baby’s gender than the fathers. It was the same with me.

    Which brings me to your declaration that you feel scared of motherhood and trust me, I wasn’t ready to be a dad at all! I was sure I would need to be trained to feel gushing love for my kid and was worried if something is wrong in me if I don’t love my kid.

    The funny thing is when I first saw my kid, I felt my heart burst. I thought its a heart attack or something and trust me when I say this, you will love your kid like the most important treasure in your life. It will come naturally to you and if it takes a little time, don’t worry about it. Let it flow naturally.

    Me: Aww… that sounds so sweet. Especially coming from a daddy. And very reassuring too!

    What is terrifying is for the baby because he/she is going to come out of a safe, comfortable zone into a world of crazy, cranky adults. The baby will sleep most of the time during the initial months but of course, you will need to keep an eye on your little bundle of joy and on yourself.

    Me: Now that’s a novel take on things! 🙂

    And start talking and singing to your baby right now till the last month. He/she will instantly recognize and love your voice after birth. All the best.

    Me: Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sanand.

  8. How on earth had I missed this? Congratulations! 🙂

    The same thing happened at Puttachi’s scans – she would never sit still – the doc had to ask us to go home and come back in the evening for a trial. And going by how active she is now, I would say that that was a good indication of things to come 😀

    Oh, and don’t worry, the baby will simply adore your voice.

    Me: Thanks Shruthi, good to see you here! Arre… I forgot to mention this in my post – I actually had to roll over and over to get baby to move to the right position. The husband was itching to take a picture of me rolling on the floor! 😀

  9. Congratulations 🙂 You will be fine! Babies are very resilient, and nature comes to your rescue with instinct! Plus, you are not alone. And you will adjust to gender—each child is a person above all, and you’ll adore him/her for that individuality more than anything.

    Me: Thanks Memsaab! In Hindi we say… aapke muh mein ghee shakkar! 🙂 You might recognize the phrase I think.

  10. :):):) this post left me with a smile!!!! i wish you the very best!! you’ll be a fab mother. a mother who does cognitive parenting!! what else can a child want? good luck to you guys. hoping to hear of the baby’s athletic feats as soon as it comes out!! 😀

    Me: 🙂 Wah wah! Thanks for the vote of confidence Roop!!!

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