Just for Baby – 1

Dearest Baby,

Yesterday, you heard us call you with the special ‘pet name’ we’ve picked for you and responded back with a beautiful little kick each time! Four times we called you  and you seemed to  understand. Your Baba and I were amazed and so very proud!

Tomorrow, when you’re all grown up and we start expecting all sorts of wonderful things from you, I hope we remember this day when you simply had to move a limb to fill our hearts with such pride and joy.

Yours everloving,

P.S. It seems we need to work on your attention span though! You got tired of our little game in just four tries! We tried again and again in the next hour with absolutely no luck. Find me a new  game now folks, you seemed to be telling us. Hmmph!

P.P.S. You only responded to my call, didn’t you? That should tell someone something, right? Double hmmph!


11 responses to “Just for Baby – 1

  1. Lovely post JnM. The baby responded with a kick. Wonderful. You already set to work on the attention span. Little girl/fella seems to be too smart.

    Me: 😀 Smart toh hain!!!

  2. Aww, how lovely that must feel! I can never get my baby to kick on any cue. S/he takes own time to decide and do it 😛

    Is it just me or do desi folks always make a joke of ‘All izz well” for your baby kicks, after ‘3 idiots’? Annoys me.

    Me: Hey, annoys me too! I’d like to think my baby’s antics are special and unique – not from some film script!!! 🙂

  3. yayayayay! Someone is back 🙂

    Say hi to baby for me. AHK and you, both make pregnancy sound like so much fun… and you are giving some people ideas…

    …which people… no no.. I don’t know :p

    🙂 🙂

    Me: 😀 I think I know though!

  4. This is a really sweet post. Great way to log your conversations to the little one. My five year old was looking at her baby book the other day and keeps asking “did you really write this to me?” 😉

    Me: Kids! Always underestimate their parents, don’t they? 🙂

  5. thats some news!! CONGRATULATIONS BOTH OF YOU…. and welcome to a whole new world of lot of cute surprises and learning 🙂

    just to share an idea, since you write well, maybe u can create a scrap book, with all these little memories, and maintain it even after the little one is born, the milestones, first time crawling etc… it can be a very touching gift to the kid one day when he/she is big… i am trying it..

    Me: That’s an awesome idea Dhanu… I am going to try it too!

    P.S. I’m eager to hear updates about your lil one on your blog sometime…

  6. Congrats J&M!! Welcome back to blog world.
    and my fav picture of your warm first home is back in your profile. 🙂
    Take Care!

    Me: Hey thanks, that’s my favorite pic too!

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