Baby’s here!

Our little bundle of joy is here! Expected on 6th April, our son, Baby M, chose to make a surprise entry into this world on 5th March itself.

We had gone to the doctor’s office that Friday for a routine visit. The plan was to head to the workplace later in the day and catch a movie in the evening. For the weekend, we wanted to pack our hospital bags, clean the home and wash baby’s clothes. And finally, my mom was to join us three days later, on Monday, to prepare for baby’s arrival.

But baby obviously had other ideas. I guess he wanted to make it clear who’s the boss right at the outset. So as the husband and I sat in the doctor’s office impatiently, waiting to get back to work, the doctor dropped a bombshell on us.

“The fetal monitoring results seem dicey. Looks like you may have your baby today!”


What followed was a mad dash to the hospital, enroute to which the husband and I kept trying to reassure ourselves – it’s probably just a false alarm, we’ll laugh about this later tonight etc. At the hospital, the nurses kept me on a fetal monitor all day. Sometime in the evening, the doctor visited us.

“Are you experiencing any contractions?”, I was asked. “Any pain?”

“Not really, should I feel anything?”

“You are 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Your labor is progressing fast!”


Everything happened in a rush after that. The doctor said they’d give me some fluids to try and slow down the labor. She was concerned because the baby’s heart rate was dipping during some of the contractions. If this keeps happening, we may have to operate and get him out tonight, she told us.

Which is exactly what happened. At 7:30 PM, baby’s heart rate dropped to an alarming number. Half a dozen nurses rushed into our room, putting me on oxygen, asking me to go on all fours, paging for the doctor. The doctor came in a few minutes later and recommended an immediate c-section.

At that point, the husband and I had given up trying to make sense of anything. Thousands of miles away from our families, with no one around to look up to for advice or support, we were confused and very very scared. Let’s do whatever the doctor recommends, we thought, and agreed to the c-section. Baby M was in our arms less than an hour later.

The days since have been full of midnight feedings and diaper changes. Yes, I can see all you experienced moms grin at that!

More later when I get some time to myself. Ciao friends!


23 responses to “Baby’s here!

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to all 3 of you ! Great news, and take care.

    Me: Thanks Suranga! You are the first to wish us online. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Congratulations!!! Thats quite a dramatic entry for baby M!!!!! Glad everything turned out ok in the end 🙂

    Me: Thanks! Me glad too!!!

  3. Hey Congratulations..and welcome to the world Baby M.. you sure picked your time 🙂

    Hope you are resting and taking care of yourself as well..

    Me: Thanks Nam! Yeah, resting is about all I’m doing these days, thanks to my Mom!

  4. Congrats!! Glad everything went well although I can imagine it would have bloody scary at the time 😀

    Rest up and lots of love to Baby M.

    Me: Thanks Silvara! You bet – it was scary all right!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wonderful news! You sound amazingly calm for having been through quite a scary experience.

    BTW, I can totally relate to this. I will tell you at some point why i can relate.

    Me: Oh! Eager to hear your story Chakli… And hey, I’m seeing you after a long long time! Keep blogging na!!

  6. Congrats JnM! And a hearty welcome to little baby M! Good to know that it all turned out well, though it must’ve been scary at the time! Take care of your health and the little one.

    Me: Thanks Anu!

  7. Hey CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sorry you two had to go through all this all alone. Can only imagine how scary it must have been. At the same time I am amazed at your attitude – so positive an upbeat despite having been through all this.

    Welcome, baby M!

    Me: Thanks! Actually, we didn’t get any time to get scared CK! 🙂 Now that I think about it, those couple of days were scary, but I’m glad we are out of them now with such a lovely baby in our arms!!!

  8. OMG!! Congrats to you guys!!!! 🙂

    have a great time ahead! and yes it will soon go beyond feeding and diaper changes and into realms of actual fun!! hehe!

    hugs to Baby M!

    btw, Cub’s heart rate also dropped during my labour and I had a C sec! sistah! 😉


    Me: Oh, same to same! 🙂 Cheers!!!

  9. Congratulations, Devaki! Hope all three of you are doing well.

    Me: Thanks! And hey, where have you been? Miss your blogging…

  10. Congrats JnM,

    It must have been like a tornado! Anyway all’s well that end’s well… Waiting to see some pics…

    Me: 🙂 Tornado is about right! Thanks!!!

  11. hey that was really brave of you guys. me n anand kind of faced the same thingie but families joined us sooner.

    hugs and kisses to baby M 🙂

    Me: Thanks Dhanu!

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