Hello World!

Hi, mommy’s friends! This is Baby M, writing my first post ever! I hope you will enjoy it.

I have been pestering Aai to let me blog for a long time now. Let’s keep the blog alive, I keep telling her. And since you can’t find the time, let me at least write na? (I keep her so busy that she hardly has time to scratch her nose, where will she find the time to blog, poor thing?) ButΒ  Aai was very reluctant to let me write – she had this fear I’d drive away the couple of kind folks who might still be checking up on her despite her long silence.

Weird, huh?As if anyone could not enjoy my wonderful chatter! Tell you what, why don’t you guys write in and tell us how you like my post and we’ll show Aai who you all like better, okay? Thank you!

Now I see Aai’s told you about my dramatic entrance into this world already. But did she tell you how uncomfortable it was getting inside her tummy? And how when I would try to make some room for myself by wriggling my toes around her ribcage, she’d push me down saying her ribs hurt? What’s a small guy like me to do then, you tell me?

So I decided to end our tug of war and come out sooner than they’d planned for.Β  And it’s been an interesting 3 month ride since then.

Aai and Baba were very scared to handle me initially. As if I would break or something. Hahaha! They didn’t know me so well then you see! Of course now we do all kinds of masti – I have been working hard at training them well. Like they’d always put me in my crib at night before, thinking they’d squash me or something. But I put my foot down and refused to sleep in the crib after dawn – I compromised for the first part of the night, let the poor wrecks have some sleep I thought. Yeah, I am pretty thoughtful that way!

So my day starts with a wake-up call for Aai as soon as dawn breaks, around 5 AM or so. To let you in to a secret, I am up well before that, but I enjoy looking at the animals around my crib for a while. And when I get bored of that, I let Aai know I am awake. Loudly of course, she ignores my gentle hints and responds only to a loud cry.

Then after my tummy gets full, it’s playtime! Except that I seem to have very reluctant fellow-players at that hour. Wonder why? Anyhow, I am fresh and raring to go – I am a morning person plus I can always nap whenever I want to later. But the spoilsports that my parents are, they keep me between them and go off to sleep again. So I play and chat with my hands for a while and then amuse myself kicking and punching Aai and Baba until they wake up.

It was so much more fun when Aaji-Ajoba or Kaka-Kaku were here – Aai would hand me over to Ajoba or Kaku and they’d play with me as long as I wanted. I miss everyone! Despite that, I am having fun with my Aai-Baba.

My Baba is the best Baba in the whole world. He carries me around perched high on his shoulder so I can explore my home properly. And he rocks me to sleep very nicely at night. Unlike Aai who wants me asleep in two minutes flat. I need to make sure everything’s in its proper place before I go off to sleep! Aai doesn’t understand that, but Baba does. So I love my Baba. Except when he insists on bathing me. Every single night, imagine! For some strange reason, he has this irresistible urge to dunk me in water as soon as it gets dark. Sigh! They keep telling me it keeps me clean. Bah, I say! I have heard them whisper amongst themselves that it make me drowsy enough to sleep through the night. They think I cannot understand them yet, but what do they know?

Aai of course is my best friend. She gives me yummy du-du and sings to me and tells me wonderful stories and makes me laugh all day. So I love my Aai. Except when she makes me wear pink clothes. Ugh! They even have frills and lace on them! She says it’s her way of fulfilling her dream of having a baby girl. That’s fine but I don’t understand why I should suffer for Aai’s unfulfilled dreams! But at least she hasn’t taken me out dressed like that. Yet!

Which brings me to my stroller. I am still looking for the guy who invented this stupid thing. I hope I find him soon. Grrr! And the weirdos that my Aai-Baba are, they take me out in it every evening. The first few minutes are fun. I like looking around at the birds andΒ  the trees and those funny-shaped clouds. But I tire of all that very easily. So I let them know I am bored. Loudly!

That’s my philosophy in life you know – let folks know how you’re feeling as loudly as possible. Everything seems to fall in place after that!

Yawn, yawn! Okay, now it’s time for my fifth nap of the day, so I must stop. I’ll write more later if Aai lets me. Make sure you let her know when you want to hear from me, okay? Tada!


11 responses to “Hello World!

  1. shooo sweet!!!!

    If you dont like being dressed in pink why dont u pester Aai Baba for a baby sister soon :)…Its not that difficult for them….

    A sweet kid like you needs someone to play with all the time…

    Baby M: Shhh… Aai says she’ll stop my blogging if you keep giving me such ‘dangerous’ ideas!

  2. Keep writing.We will like to hear from you.We will make sure that aai allows you to write.

    Baby M: Thank you Aaji!

  3. awww….Baby M !!! Me looooooooooves you already πŸ™‚ Tell us more stories like this πŸ™‚

    Aai-Baba – you guys are doing a great job with Baby M πŸ™‚

    Baby M: Aai-Baba say thank you!

  4. Hearty welcome to the sprightly, brightly new Janamejaya ! We are instantly taken in by your refreshingly breezy way of looking at (sheepish ?) folks in your new world. A great beginning indeed. Keep it up, so that we all can get a little wizened. Shubhechchha as always.

    Baby M: Dhanyavaad Ajoba!

  5. A very creative post indeed – the world in the eyes of little M. M sees to be very naughty and a very interesting character… I am so eager to see him become big and play mischief with his Aai-Baba. I am sure he will be more than successful in tiring them out. Keep up the good work little M. We will be watching you πŸ™‚ God Bless.

    Baby M: Thank you Baba!

  6. That has been a successful story so far. So keep it coming. We would love to hear from you only and not from your aai. I say you are the best blogger of time. Lots of hugs.

    Baby M: Aai is jealous of me already!

  7. You should ask your mom to introduce you to twitter as well πŸ™‚

    Lovely post baby M, trouble your parents more so we can hear abt it

    Baby M: What a fantastic idea! I will try my best! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey baby M,
    that was one fun post! do keep more coming along… would love to hear about your adventures with your aai-baba! πŸ™‚

    Baby M: Thank you!

  9. My lucky day! Just read a post from Baby Buzz on Comfy’s blog..now here too. πŸ˜€

    That was such a sweet post. I’m definitely telling your Aai to just handle the blog over to you!

    Paapu ( you know who, don’t you?), conveys her BIG ‘Hiii!’ to you..and asks whether you have started turning over..the view from that angle is quite fun, she says πŸ™‚

    Take care..and do keep writing, k?


    Baby M: Hi Paapu! When will you start blogging? And are you sure about tummy time? I haven’t found it much fun so far… 😦 So I roll back as soon as Aai puts me on my tummy!

  10. Awww that’s such a creative idea and so beautifully written too πŸ™‚
    I like Baby M already.. Would love to read more posts by you, Baby M. πŸ™‚

    Baby M: Thanks auntie, I hope to be back soon too!

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