India, here we come!

3 weeks, 4 years of life and a home painstakingly put together over that period of time to be wrapped up, stuff to be sold, friends to be met, goodbyes to be said, photos to be taken, my mind is constantly buzzing with these and many more details!

More later, once I get to Mumbai and bask in Aai’s pampering once again!


8 responses to “India, here we come!

  1. When, in all that dismantling of a virtually settled life, you stop, take a deep breath, and need a shoulder to rest on, here’s mine, with a virtual cup of tea for you……welcome back !

    Me: Wow, delicious and so comforting! 🙂

  2. You moving back for good?

    Very Happy for you girl!

    One of my very good friends left recently and I know how much of a winding down one has to do.
    Loads of work and lot of planning..but blissful end of course! 🙂

    My heartiest wishes for happy new beginnings.

    Me: It is too much re!!! Especially managing the baby alongside… 😦

  3. You moving back for good???? That is simply grt. i dont know when I will be able to say the same.

    Best wishes!!!

    Me: Do you plan to do the same sometime?

  4. so are you here in India already? welcome back! what is the base gonna be? hows the kiddo?

    take care and keep in touch!


    Me: Yeah, been a month now. Base is Mumbai (parents’ place) for now. Kiddo’s enjoying all the attention… my share too! 🙂

    • story of our lives dude! once the grandchild comes along the child ceases to exist! :p

      so gonna be in Bombay for some time? i should be there in Dec for a few days. will touch base with you that time! 🙂

      unless you come to bangalore before that! 🙂

      Me: Eghjhactly! 🙂 I am in Bombay for the next whole year. Let me know Abha, pakka, will be fun – my first blog meet!

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