Back in Mumbai!

I miss…

  • Our impromptu plans (Friday afternoon in the office – let’s go to Lake Placid tomorrow!)
  • The long (seemingly endless) drives on interstates, NY to NH, NC, DC, Virginia, Ohio, upstate… and of course the monthly trip to NJ!
  • Our cozy twosome awesome times!
  • Summer weekends – the hikes, walks, movies, bike rides, sightseeing, rafting, nature trails…
  • Spring flowers and Fall colors
  • Fun in the snow – skiing for you, tubing and hot chocolate for me!
  • Blodgett Memorial Library
  • Coldstone ice cream
  • Redbox movies
  • Babies R Us
  • Maveli and Southhill cinema
  • The colorful veggie aisles in Adams and Stop n Shop
  • Mistakenly calling it Shop n Stop and you correcting me each time!
  • Fresh flowers every other week…
  • Friday night pasta and movie time!
  • Trying new recipes
  • Informal weekend get-togethers with friends – playing poker and Mafia and Villagers!
  • Music concerts
  • My wonderful music teacher
  • Getting goosebumps listening to Swades songs on our road trips
  • Boring you with HGTV!
  • You boring me with tennis and football!
  • Thursday night classics on 13…
  • Trying to recreate festival magic at home – making kandil, rangoli and painted diyas for Diwali, modaks for Ganpati
  • Christmas in the City

And most of all, I miss…

  • The amazing feeling of our baby in my tummy
  • Falling asleep on our comfy sofa fifteen minutes into the movie
  • You remembering to soak badam at night, coaxing me in the morning to have just one more of the almonds, dates, walnuts, eggs…
  • “Did you drink your milk today?”
  • “Did you pour the entire saffron dabba in my milk today?”
  • Being woken up so lovingly each morning…
  • Waiting for you in the evening, out in our balcony with Baby M
  • The satisfaction of doing everything for our baby on our own
  • The parks, the beautiful green countryside, clean roads, gorgeous homes…
  • Our beautiful home!
  • My plants

And I am glad to be finally rid of…

  • “What do I cook today?”
  • “Do we need to shop for groceries today?”
  • “Oh no, we’ve run out of milk/mirchi/bread…! We will have to go out for groceries today!”
  • Learning to drive
  • Getting on an airplane to meet friends and family
  • Missing out on weddings and festival fun in Mumbai
  • One Ms. Holier-than-thou and another Ms. Smug-about-nothing (If you have a real problem, talk to me and we’ll sort it out. But pass snide remarks, gossip behind my back or create a problem over nothing and I couldn’t care less!)

In other news, Baby M and I are finally back in aamchi Mumbai. And having a great time! Except when we miss the husband who’s off following his dreams – getting an MBA – but missing out on a beautiful phase of Baby M’s growing up years. You win some, you lose some!

Baby M is six months old already. The cliche of time flies has never seemed truer. He can roll over on his tummy and back now, grabs and throws stuff, wants to eat each and everything in his vision, blows bubbles, giggles uncontrollably in response to my giggles and even sweet-talks me into giggling some more when I try to stop! In short, he’s getting naughtier and cuter day by day. His grandparents on both sides are smitten already. As for me, I find myselfΒ  falling moreΒ  and more in love with him each day. Good times!


7 responses to “Back in Mumbai!

  1. LOL My miss list almost matches yours. Welcome back and Baby M must be keeping you busy enough. I remmeber your earlier posts about the dilemma you had about having to ask parents to stay there after the baby and sorts. You have gotten rid of that too right???

    Me: Oh yes, we found the best solution possible except that we miss the husband now… 😦

  2. From your post, it seems you have a wonderful hubby. By the way i would like to read this out to mine and tell him what he missed to do. πŸ˜‰

    Me: Hey, I know you probably said that on a light note, but from personal experience I can say – please don’t do that. We all come as a package deal and if I started listing my complaints about the husband (and God forbid if he started on mine…), you’d all run away from here! πŸ™‚

  3. Totally understand it cos I was in a similar situation a year ago. Each place has its own advantages; only it takes time to see it and get adjusted πŸ™‚

    Glad to know that Baby M is growing up to be the charmer and no wonder everyone around him is smitten πŸ˜€

    Me: Yeah, initially I had to stop myself from comparing. Now I am almost completely settled in I think.

  4. Aww… on a silver lining note, I suppose you must be comforted by knowing that these are the years Baby M won’t really remember so with luck his dad *will* be in his earliest memories.

    Me: Yeah, that’s a comforting thought… I have just realized though – little boys, even this little, need their dad around for some boys-only masti. Or perhaps some moms are better at masti than I am!

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