A difficult choice – 1

When we were planning a baby, I was a 100% sure I wanted to stay at home with our bundle of joy.  In fact, I was all set to stop working mid-way during my pregnancy. But a combination of a low-stress job, an understanding boss,  an easy pregnancy and most importantly, a supportive husband ensured I worked right till the day before Baby M was born.

Then during my 4-month long maternity leave, each day I’d look upon my return-to-work date with apprehension. ‘Should I call up my boss and tell him I won’t be returning?’, I’d ask myself everyday. ‘Why not give work a try and see how it goes?’, my sensible half always suggested. Then the husband got his cherished B-school admit in India and I thought the decision was out of my hands.

When out of the blue, the boss made me an offer I found hard to refuse. Would I like to continue working from home in India? Would I? We had already decided Baby M and I would be living with my parents in Mumbai while the husband slogged it out in b-school. My mom was eager to help with Baby M. My boss was offering me the chance to work from home and choose my hours. What more could I ask for?

So for the past six months, I have been enjoying the best of both worlds – having my cake and eating it too, you could say. I start my day snuggling up to Baby M and putting him back to sleep early in the morning, run out for my morning walk, return home, shower and leisurely read the morning papers. My commute is the few steps I walk to my desk. I start work in pajamas, a mug of coffee in hand. I can take a break whenever Baby M needs me or whenever I feel like cuddling him or just because. I can take an impromptu nap in the afternoon and cover up by working till late in the evening.

Most importantly, I never have to stay back at my desk and pretend I am working. Plus the work is interesting enough (for the most part) and is a good way to structure my day. And finally, the money comes in handy as well, especially now that the husband is on a year-long break.

So what exactly is my problem?



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