Updates from Baby M!

I am a big boy now – all of thirteen months! We celebrated my first birthday in great style last month. Except that the grown-ups seemed to have all the fun playing games, dancing and eating yummy food, while I was made to parade around in a sherwani and random people came and pinched my cheeks! Hmmph! Next year, I will plan my birthday party myself – everyone will be made to dress down, not up, I’ll run around all the time so nobody will be able catch me and no one above the age of five will be allowed to play any of the games!

In other news, I decided to put an end to Aai’s endless worrying and sprouted four teeth just after my first birthday, seemingly overnight! I thought that would make her happy but now she’s started worrying about the teeny weeny gap between my two front teeth. As if that matters! I am just happy I can bite anyone who does not give me what I want now. In addition to screaming at the top of my voice, shedding false tears and (literally) throwing my weight around of course!

Speaking of what I want, kites fascinate me these days. Have you noticed how many of them are still caught up in the trees around you? No? Then you must be one of those grown-ups. They hardly notice interesting things, I have noticed. Most of them look down or straight ahead while walking. When the really interesting stuff can be found up in the sky – planes! birds! clouds! moon! – or on treetopsΒ  – kites of course! When will these grown-ups ever learn?

So I always look up these days. And keep my finger ready for pointing all the time. For my poor Aai has great trouble remembering stuff you know. She needs me around to remind her of everything. She keeps asking me, where’s the doggie? And I point him out to her. A few seconds later, where’s the clock? Sometimes, she even forgets who she’s talking to, imagine! Where’s Baby M, she wants to know! Isn’t that the height of forgetfulness?

Grown-ups also have these weird ideas about keeping homes tidy, I have realized.They seem to think stacking stuff in cupboards and on tables while keeping the floor clean is tidy. Me, I prefer keeping the cupboards and table surfaces clean and empty, while stuff on the floor doesn’t really bother me. Aaji is yet to agree with my concept of cleanliness though!

When I am not helping Aai keep track of things or educating Aaji on tidying up the home, I help out the mavshis in the kitchen. I help them shell peas and use the big wooden stick to bring down the dry clothes. And sometimes, there’s not enough work for Aaji and the mavshis and I notice everyone getting bored, so I scatter all the vessels on the floor to keep them amused and occupied.

Aaji keeps saying, what will we all do when you go to your own house in July Baby M? Don’t you worry Aaji – I’ll visit you often and make sure I create enough work during my visits to keep you all occupied the rest of the time.

Speaking of worrying, Aai also wants me to walk soon. But she doesn’t understand. So what if I am not walking yet, I am putting my energies to much better use! I climb chairs, tables, beds, even the funny elliptical machine Aai uses to keep her weight off. (I use it more often than Aai, or so Aaji says!) Climbing is so much more fun than walking you know. I climb whatever and wherever I can. But sometimes I can’t figure out how to get down, so I let out a loud cry and someone is always around to help me out. Easy pheasy!

I have saved the best news for the last. Aai stopped working last month and is pretty much free to play with me all the time now. Yippee! We sing nursery rhymes together (Aai sings and I act out the songs), look at pictures in my books (teddy bear! clock! doggie! giraffe!) and tell each other stories (I contribute with my hmmphs!). And in the evening, we go to the park to play with my gang of friends. Aai plays with us too – she’s a good sport that way.

But Aaji often catches Aai reading or on the internet when she’s supposed to be playing with me! I don’tΒ  mind that though – I like it when she’s engrossed in her books so I am free to pursue my mischievous ideas – my favorite is to throw all my toys and books at the back of the bed when no one’s watching!

That reminds me – Aai’s busy typing away at her laptop right now. I am off to hide a new batch of toys under the bed. Ta!


5 responses to “Updates from Baby M!

  1. awwwww…..such a sweet sweet post :)) I can imagine how much fun you guys must be having ;-))

    Its a coincidence that you must mention about the gap between the two front teeth today. We just came from meeting the SIL and her baby and she was also worrying about the gap! πŸ˜€ We then saw another baby with the same gap and concluded it’ll get better once all the teeth come πŸ˜€ I hope that’s true :-))

    Me: Yeah, everyone’s telling me the gap will close out when the other teeth come in. Hope they are right! πŸ˜€

    On a side-note, it feels so good to be back after so long and still find some of you around. Thanks M (and everyone else who’s here)!

  2. New to this blog, Loved reading abt your little one..Have fun:)

    Me: Thanks Seena! Welcome here, and I’m so glad you stopped to say hi! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh sweet M…you sound all too grown up from what I heard of you last πŸ™‚

    I am very very VERY happy for your Aai , she seems like she is loving what she does. Must be so much fun to have her around all the time – play and sing to you na?

    Keep her and your Aaji busy, just the way you are right now. And tell them walking-running is always gonna happen. Climbing up and down is what they’ll miss watching later πŸ™‚

    And oh, Wish a you a belated but a very hearty “Eppy Budday!”.

    Much Love,
    Paapu’s Mom

    Baby M: Thanks Paapu’s mom. Did you know your post was the trigger for this one? You inspired my Aai to come out of her hibernation for a change. πŸ˜‰

  4. I had jumped off the blogging bandwagon.. just got back on some time ago..and discovered your baby had completed a whole year!!!!! WOW. time DOES fly.
    Dont all mothers suffer from that particular type of forgetfulness baby M?I suspect its ts a ploy.. for them to check if all the education they’ve been giving has been filed away safely in your memory!
    Oh btw, you and I both have names with M. How cool is that??

    Me: Me too! Jumped off the blogging bandwagon I mean… Baby M says folks with names from M are the coolest ever – high five M auntie! πŸ˜€

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