On blogging and commenting…

It’s a funny business – this blogging. Especially our kind of blogging, where we write about general everyday stuff that’s not of earth-shattering importance to anyone.

When I was an active blogger, I used to average a couple of posts a week. That meant spending at least an equal number of hours writing, and many more reading different blogs.  The two usually go hand-in-hand, at least for me. Naturally, many posts I read struck a chord somewhere, or were just so funny or well-written that I had to stop and comment. Commenting on other blogs is the best form of publicity for your own blog I have found. Some call it networking, while a lucky few form genuine friendships on the net. Again, of those who network, some do it intentionally, some inadvertently, and for many it’s a mix of all these (I think), as is the case with yours truly.

Whatever be the reason, when I was an active blogger (and commentator), I had dozens of comments on every post. And now that I rarely find the time to write on my own space, leave alone on others’, I feel happy to get even a couple of comments here. Not that I am blaming anyone. But it’s a vicious cycle, this. The lesser number of comments I get, the worse I feel about my blog and the tougher it gets to feel enthused to work on my writing.

I think it’s time to break the cycle. For that, it’s important I realize exactly why I am doing this.

I blog because I like to write. I am not very good at networking or forming friendships online. Very rarely, I blog to vent out my frustrations or fears here. But mostly I just enjoy playing with words, trying to create something meaningful out of them. And I am particular about my spellings and punctuation and grammar. I re-read my posts multiple times to check these things. Have I repeated a phrase too many times?  This sentence just does not sound right! Is that paragraph too long? I can spend hours polishing a post till it sounds just right.

Does she think she writes all that well, I hear some of you say! Perhaps not, but I do enjoy the process thoroughly. And it’s time I appreciated the simple pleasure I get from creating an honest and well-written post from the jumble of thoughts in my head.

After that, if a kind soul takes the time to comment, well, that’s just the cherry on the cake, isn’t it?


8 responses to “On blogging and commenting…

  1. Writing and commenting does seem to become a cycle. But like you I have come to realize why I started my blog and what is really important to me. And having made peace with that simple fact has helped me focus on why the blog and not the number of comments.
    Keep writing as and when you have time. You have people who read you even though they might not comment. (err..people like me that is)

  2. I second the above comment. We generally don’t comment does not mean that we don’t read what you write. Also, for some people like me, it’s never about comments. I write for myself 🙂 Keep the blog alive.

  3. I agree with Comfy too. And with whatever you have written. There used to be days when I used to wake up and login to my email first thing to see the number of comments I got on my post. And those were the days when I used to write such utter whatevers 😀 Now, although I feel I write much better :P, I get like 2-3 comments and sometimes not even that 🙂 But I think I dont let it bother me much now 🙂

    Btw, I have always felt you write beautifully. Very beautifully. And reading you is like reading like mind 🙂 Keep writing and people like us are always going to be here 🙂

  4. I don’t spend lot of time reading and re-reading my posts as I know I can never publish a post if I do. It is a good practice to ensure you spelling and grammar is correct. I maintained a private blog for sometime, my motivation was to capture the moments in our life, those days I have no tension of comments. Later I started reading other blog and found its bad to be a Anonymous reader, so I created a public blog. I do like the interaction and advise you get from the blogging world. Keep writing we are here to read you..

  5. I know what you’re saying. But I’ve given up thinking so much about the process of blogging now. And even though I manage barely 2-3 posts a month, I write stuff when I really want to. And yes, I do it because I enjoy it.

  6. You are so right about the commenting part !

    When I started it was more to let people know that “am here and reading you’. But now, it is more as a friend who chips in with her words when the other speaks of something. And subtly am also letting them know that I love it when they speak and want them to do it more often 🙂

    Have enjoyed reading you and totally understand when you say ‘polish the post’ – am exactly like that! Keep going 🙂

  7. So true JnM. I blog for the same reasons like going back in time and reading it for yourself as memories which might never come back again. Sometimes it just gives you clarity of thoughts by outting into words and people if they do leave a comment, we would get the other approach or way of looking at things.

  8. Thanks all for being around and understanding what I had to say. I was so scared this post would be somehow misunderstood. Debated over this internally for a long time before I hit publish. But I feel so much better about my blog now. Feel as if I can start again with a clean slate and a clear mind. Thank you all again!

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