About Me

Female. (Must mention this since a reader once argued and insisted I must be a guy, going by my writing!) Twenties slipping away fast. (Let me say that before they are gone!) Geeky programmer by profession. As non-geeky as programmers are allowed to be outside the office. Happily, argumentatively but ultimately successfully married to The Husband for about five years now. Best Friends for five more before that. (And I insist those times were better, and he just as firmly insists they were not!) Originally a Mumbaite, then a Puneite,  and a resident of upstate NY for the last four years, (update!) am back in Mumbai again now. Next year, who knows?

Love to read, travel, see new places and decorate my home. Fultoo Bollywood fan. Fond of all kinds of good music. A great dancer (not) when no one’s watching! Trying my hand at Hindustani classical music and (update: given up on) learning to drive. Cooking experiments are part of an ongoing trial and error process. Enjoy cooking but dislike having to do it everyday. Freak out on chaat, dosas and other such junk food. Passionately vegetarian. Contrary to preconceived notions, not an avid shopper. Would graduate to avid shopper if and when I win a million dollar lottery for sure!

(Update!) Current all-consuming passion – my fifteen month old cutie-pie son, known as Baby M on this blog!

Cheerful, optimistic and mostly happy. Prone to sulks and tantrums at times. Deliriously happy or in the depths of despair! Only child and spoiled. Talkative (unstoppable) at home and with close friends. Shy with new people. Take time to open up and make friends. Sensitive. Loving. Always rooting for the underdog. But practical. Full of complex contradictions, I just realized!

Want to know more? Email me at jottingsnmusings@gmail.com!

43 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey, thanks for that! Cool huh? 🙂

    Yes, yes, please do! I love readers who also comment… I yearn for some feedback and validation most of the times. Welcome here Manpreet!

    And I loved the little that I saw at your blog too. (The background music was wonderful!) I am going to make some time this week to go through your archives – they look VERY interesting!

  2. I am really glad you liked my posts. Now I m waiting with bated breath for the weekend. LOL cos thats when you will go thru them. I want comments, one by one, on all of them. Hahaha, just kidding buddy. Take ur time, take ur pick and do key in your response if u choose to. Many thanks.
    P.S. Glad you liked the music. Its an awesome combo – ABIDA & GHALIB.

  3. jottingsandmusings Came here to know some more about the person who asked me what I thought of joint families. You have got me thinking I never thought about what I thought of joint families …Though I remember my mom being very clear that her daughters were not getting married into joint families… I just took it for granted that we weren’t the joint family kinds.
    I am doing a post on this. Thanks for asking this question.

  4. Female… hmmm… now I’ve got to go and find out what made someone think you’re otherwise.
    Nice blog and I love the header too! Will keep visiting 🙂

  5. Thanks Pallavi, hope to see you again and again! And let me know if you solve the mystery! 🙂

  6. Been wanting to visit you for some time, after you left that comment on my blog. I too married my best friend! And me too fulltoo bollywood fan…and in fact right now rushing to catch a movie. Will drop in again!

  7. Hi Nita, its great to see you here! Isn’t it fun to marry your best friend? Okay, I’ll wait to hear from you again. Come back soon…

  8. HiJ&M- There are so many similarities between us.. Vegetarian, Bollywoodfan and married childhood sweetheart..( not excatly best friend ) loves decorating the home. Will be reading archives soon.Wish You a Happy Diwali

  9. Thanks Minnie! (I read we could call you that. :D) I have been reading you for a while now (from CBC’s blog) but *sheepishly admits* only commented now! And I am glad I did! Blogrolling you here.

  10. Nice description. Sounds so much like me…Female, mid twenties, programmer,married for 3 yrs to my best friend of 9 years, well 12 now.Mumbaiite, living in US, love to decorate home. and the best one “Enjoy cooking but dislike having to do it everyday”. So true.. Anyways liked your writing..will come back..

  11. Oh, so all these things match?!! Amazing! About cooking, it’s my suspicion 90% of Indian girls in the US would secretly agree with us. 🙂 Do come back Enchanted, hope to see you soon again!

  12. Hey! Devaki,
    Thanks for stopping by, yes im pleasantly surprised about the way our ‘about’ page reads. Nice to meet someone with similar interests and attitudes…except im not a s/w engineer, you’ll find me extremely non-geeky. And guess what, im married to a high school sweetheart too :D. Not a dancer 😦 and dont watch a lot of bollywood. Stumbled upon snippetsnscribbles like three days ago. Looks like you are here in this part of the world and just cant wait to talk to you :D. Will add you on my blogroll.

  13. Guess what, I’m non-geeky too! Well, sort of! 😀 And who am I kidding about the dance… I am a HORRIBLE dancer hence the dancing only when no ones watching part. 🙂 Glad to have bumped into you too Nalini!

  14. Hello Missy!

    I accidentally landed on your blog and was instantly intrigued and wanted to read on..and so I did.

    I must say, I am impressed. You have a gift (you are the second person i’m saying that to in the past 24hours) and you are putting it to good use.

    I can assure you i’ll be visiting again.

    Good to see your zeal for life at young age of 26! Seems like you are a happy chirpy 🙂 I love happy and grateful people, who doesn’t ? They are an addiction.

    I had a lovely time reading some of your posts. Haven’t read them all yet..long way to go.

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy blogging.


    Me: Hey, that’s so sweet of you Nam Missy! 🙂 Hope to see you around again – soon. (Do you blog too?)

    • No i don’t actually. I’m tempted too though..we’ll see.

      I am on an extended break at the moment. Between jobs – thanks to the financial meltdown.

      Still thinking about blogging. I do read lots n lots of them these days. Lots of time in hand, u see 🙂

      Me: I hear you Nam! But lots of time is good in a way too. Why don’t you take the plunge into our blog world then? See if you enjoy writing as much as reading… I have a hunch you will.

  15. I think i will enjoy it for a couple of days, and then will go kaput. 🙂

    Thank you for your encouraging words though. Much appreciated.

    OK i go read a few of your posts now…watch out for my comments.

    Me: Cool!

  16. Spent considerable time on blog. Also really enjoyed a lot of the blogs on your blog roll…I added you on my blog roll. Hope that is fine. Still surprised it took me so long to stumble on your blog 🙂

    Me: Glad you enjoyed it here. Some of those blogs on my blogroll are so much older (in blog-years)/wiser/more hilarious etc. – it’s scary!!! 🙂

    Thanks for adding me, I meant to do likewise a few weeks ago but been lazy. 😉 And how did you expect to stumble on my blog? I try not to give even a hint to most folks!

  17. “Fultoo Bollywood fan. ”

    Another fultoo Bolly fan here though I don’t get to watch that many movies anymore but there was a time when I never even missed those tapori Govinda films.

    Me: Gosh, really? Let’s compare notes then! 😉

  18. Happened by here from Priya’s blog. Nice posts. Will be back 🙂

    Me: Hi Sands!!! Will wait for you to be back… 🙂

  19. Hi there…..

    Just landed here by accident at 3 in the morning…..after a bad dream….and it was a nice comic relief reading through your blog…..

    i usually don’t read blogs but i think it has changed (i should credit you )….i think yours is the second blog that i have read after the Mighty Strom created by that Fake IPL player blog….trust me i read that one purely by the hype that had created in India and of course my brother who dosnt talk much usually was raving about it ……(so read it as a fuel for our future conversations….its weird how men relate… ;-))

    Ur pretty gifted(im sure you should have heard or read this a zillion times by now) n have amazing potential you should consider writing a book or dialog writing …..your writing reminds me of chetan bhagat’s style of writing …… as well as Chandlers character from Friends….just loved the dry sarcastic humor in your blogs……

    Keep up the good work and by the way i think you are 2 months over due(if im not wrong)…i dint find blog after june 2009

    v’ll be visiting soon….byee until then


    Me: Thanks so much for those wonderful words Sush! I am totally overwhelmed! And no, this is not the zillionth time, you must be the second person after my dad to think this way. 🙂

  20. Judging by your write up, I want to say that you are a Virgo girl! Tell me if I am right or otherwise!

    Me: 🙂 You are very close actually. I am a Libran but born very near the cusp… 25th Sep, so do have a lot of Virgo characteristics I am always told!

  21. Enjoyed reading your blog, u are doing a great job, in these busy times its indeed very rare for people to have patience and time to write..do carry on. BTW i think I know you. I was at i-flex jbnagar mumbai & presently in NY…If I am right you were in the FX All project right?

    Me: Hi Vaibhav – welcome here and thanks! Umm… but you seem to have mistaken me for someone else. I was never in I-Flex! But hey, good to know I have a soul sister out there somehwere!!! 🙂

  22. Hi.. Long time since you posted! Hope everything is fine! Come back and post more!

    Me: Hey sunshine, I am fine. Thanks for checking on me. It’s friends like you who make me come back and write again… 🙂

  23. wow! we share quite a few similarities.. in fact, i felt i was reading about me when i was reading this.. including the only child, loves cooking but not every day, love for reading, shy initially and takes time to mix with people, an open book with friends, a geek at work and as non-geeky as possible at home. 🙂

    good to have met you in blog world!

    Me: Really??? I am heading to your blog to find out more soon… 🙂

  24. Hey jottingsnmusings, seems I have come across us blog and knowing you a trifle tad late. Am writing this in 2016 after a chance glance at ur blog. I had acted in the serial Mahanagar in the 80s (a very small, in fact, almost tiny role) n was looking to find sm reels of it smwhere/with smone. You could poss help me on it !

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