Baby M at almost two!

Hi, Aai’s friends! I hope you still remember me. My Aai, having hopped off the blogging bandwagon, was determined to keep me away too. ‘Why not let me write if you are too lazy Aai?’, I kept asking her. She of course had no reply to that. But when I decide to do something, you can be sure I’ll do it. If not immediately, then as soon as your attention wavers for a second. And so, here I am!

Important things first. I am a big boy now, and I mean really really big – just imagine, I will be two years old come March! I am almost half as tall as Aai already. I expect to overtake her soon. Next stop, Baba! Aai realized how tall I was when I was able to dislodge the animal stickers on my new room’s wall, placed well out of my reach or so she thought. All it took was a couple of pillows strategically placed and stretching myself a bit and wham – mission accomplished! Aai is now complaining about some tiny marks on the wall where the stickers peeled off a little paint, as if anyone is going to notice that! I overheard Aaji scolding Aai about the stickers yesterday, it was quite funny really – why did you buy those cute animal stickers – for Baby M to enjoy them or as wall decor? Good question Aaji! Now why didn’t I think of it myself?

Both my Aaji-Ajobas and Baba are on my side always. Aai is not allowed to scold me in their presence. They keep telling her I am too small to be scolded. I don’t really agree with the small part, but why argue when they are taking my side? Of course, when Aai and I are alone at home, there is no stopping her. M, don’t do this and M, don’t do that! She can be a real good sport at times, and a total wet blanket at others. She’s very unpredictable that way, my Aai. V mavshi (my best friend who plays with me and takes care of  me when Aai goes out) takes my side but that rarely helps. Usually I am able to get Aai to smile and forget her anger with a few giggles or funny faces. If nothing works, a loud high-pitched ‘Aaiieeee’, cried as though I am in great pain is the last resort but even this doesn’t work sometimes. Then I simply stop crying and turn my attention to the next interesting object at hand with a I-couldn’t-care-less expression and watch the amazed look on her face. Such fun, I tell you! And of course, as soon as Aai is sufficiently distracted, I am back to my earlier mischief in the blink of an eye.

Morning and evening, I gesture towards the front door and demand to be taken out. I am able to open all doors inside the house now, but the main door with its funny lock still baffles me. No matter, I am working on it and should get there soon. On the road and the playground, I like to run free. Holding hands is for babies you see. Besides, only when both your hands are free, everything can be properly explored. You can stop and stare at the cat sleeping under the car, hop, skip and jump when the whim strikes you, climb steps of random shops on the way, run your hand across each gate you come across (Someone has to clean them, right?), pat the doggies till they wag their tails and look for interesting stones and pebbles for your home collection.

Many of my friends are in playschool already, but Aai and Baba are determined to hang on to me for a few months more. They say they want me to talk first. I can hardly understand these grown-ups! What else do I do all day if not talk? I call out to my Baba, Aai, Aaji, Ajoba, Kaka, Kaku, Dada, Tai, Mama and Mavshi. I mimic almost every word they speak. I ask for Aai to sing each of my favorite songs, demand water and food, ask for my ball, bat, crayons, cycle, books, point to and call out all the animals in the books and their sounds. Is that not speaking, you tell me?

Hmm. Enough of me now. Why don’t you all tell me something interesting in return too? It’s not fair that only I speak! Say, how about you tell me your favorite activities? Mine are looking at books and asking Aai to tell me the stories in them, listening to songs and rhymes, playing with my ball, helping out around the house when asked to (and even better when not asked to!) – fetching stuff, watering plants, shelling peas, putting things in their proper place – but most of all, running about exploring things.

Okay then, bye. Do remember to write in and tell me what you enjoy doing. Bye for now!

Updates from Baby M!

I am a big boy now – all of thirteen months! We celebrated my first birthday in great style last month. Except that the grown-ups seemed to have all the fun playing games, dancing and eating yummy food, while I was made to parade around in a sherwani and random people came and pinched my cheeks! Hmmph! Next year, I will plan my birthday party myself – everyone will be made to dress down, not up, I’ll run around all the time so nobody will be able catch me and no one above the age of five will be allowed to play any of the games!

In other news, I decided to put an end to Aai’s endless worrying and sprouted four teeth just after my first birthday, seemingly overnight! I thought that would make her happy but now she’s started worrying about the teeny weeny gap between my two front teeth. As if that matters! I am just happy I can bite anyone who does not give me what I want now. In addition to screaming at the top of my voice, shedding false tears and (literally) throwing my weight around of course!

Speaking of what I want, kites fascinate me these days. Have you noticed how many of them are still caught up in the trees around you? No? Then you must be one of those grown-ups. They hardly notice interesting things, I have noticed. Most of them look down or straight ahead while walking. When the really interesting stuff can be found up in the sky – planes! birds! clouds! moon! – or on treetops  – kites of course! When will these grown-ups ever learn?

So I always look up these days. And keep my finger ready for pointing all the time. For my poor Aai has great trouble remembering stuff you know. She needs me around to remind her of everything. She keeps asking me, where’s the doggie? And I point him out to her. A few seconds later, where’s the clock? Sometimes, she even forgets who she’s talking to, imagine! Where’s Baby M, she wants to know! Isn’t that the height of forgetfulness?

Grown-ups also have these weird ideas about keeping homes tidy, I have realized.They seem to think stacking stuff in cupboards and on tables while keeping the floor clean is tidy. Me, I prefer keeping the cupboards and table surfaces clean and empty, while stuff on the floor doesn’t really bother me. Aaji is yet to agree with my concept of cleanliness though!

When I am not helping Aai keep track of things or educating Aaji on tidying up the home, I help out the mavshis in the kitchen. I help them shell peas and use the big wooden stick to bring down the dry clothes. And sometimes, there’s not enough work for Aaji and the mavshis and I notice everyone getting bored, so I scatter all the vessels on the floor to keep them amused and occupied.

Aaji keeps saying, what will we all do when you go to your own house in July Baby M? Don’t you worry Aaji – I’ll visit you often and make sure I create enough work during my visits to keep you all occupied the rest of the time.

Speaking of worrying, Aai also wants me to walk soon. But she doesn’t understand. So what if I am not walking yet, I am putting my energies to much better use! I climb chairs, tables, beds, even the funny elliptical machine Aai uses to keep her weight off. (I use it more often than Aai, or so Aaji says!) Climbing is so much more fun than walking you know. I climb whatever and wherever I can. But sometimes I can’t figure out how to get down, so I let out a loud cry and someone is always around to help me out. Easy pheasy!

I have saved the best news for the last. Aai stopped working last month and is pretty much free to play with me all the time now. Yippee! We sing nursery rhymes together (Aai sings and I act out the songs), look at pictures in my books (teddy bear! clock! doggie! giraffe!) and tell each other stories (I contribute with my hmmphs!). And in the evening, we go to the park to play with my gang of friends. Aai plays with us too – she’s a good sport that way.

But Aaji often catches Aai reading or on the internet when she’s supposed to be playing with me! I don’t  mind that though – I like it when she’s engrossed in her books so I am free to pursue my mischievous ideas – my favorite is to throw all my toys and books at the back of the bed when no one’s watching!

That reminds me – Aai’s busy typing away at her laptop right now. I am off to hide a new batch of toys under the bed. Ta!

Hello World!

Hi, mommy’s friends! This is Baby M, writing my first post ever! I hope you will enjoy it.

I have been pestering Aai to let me blog for a long time now. Let’s keep the blog alive, I keep telling her. And since you can’t find the time, let me at least write na? (I keep her so busy that she hardly has time to scratch her nose, where will she find the time to blog, poor thing?) But  Aai was very reluctant to let me write – she had this fear I’d drive away the couple of kind folks who might still be checking up on her despite her long silence.

Weird, huh?As if anyone could not enjoy my wonderful chatter! Tell you what, why don’t you guys write in and tell us how you like my post and we’ll show Aai who you all like better, okay? Thank you!

Now I see Aai’s told you about my dramatic entrance into this world already. But did she tell you how uncomfortable it was getting inside her tummy? And how when I would try to make some room for myself by wriggling my toes around her ribcage, she’d push me down saying her ribs hurt? What’s a small guy like me to do then, you tell me?

So I decided to end our tug of war and come out sooner than they’d planned for.  And it’s been an interesting 3 month ride since then.

Aai and Baba were very scared to handle me initially. As if I would break or something. Hahaha! They didn’t know me so well then you see! Of course now we do all kinds of masti – I have been working hard at training them well. Like they’d always put me in my crib at night before, thinking they’d squash me or something. But I put my foot down and refused to sleep in the crib after dawn – I compromised for the first part of the night, let the poor wrecks have some sleep I thought. Yeah, I am pretty thoughtful that way!

So my day starts with a wake-up call for Aai as soon as dawn breaks, around 5 AM or so. To let you in to a secret, I am up well before that, but I enjoy looking at the animals around my crib for a while. And when I get bored of that, I let Aai know I am awake. Loudly of course, she ignores my gentle hints and responds only to a loud cry.

Then after my tummy gets full, it’s playtime! Except that I seem to have very reluctant fellow-players at that hour. Wonder why? Anyhow, I am fresh and raring to go – I am a morning person plus I can always nap whenever I want to later. But the spoilsports that my parents are, they keep me between them and go off to sleep again. So I play and chat with my hands for a while and then amuse myself kicking and punching Aai and Baba until they wake up.

It was so much more fun when Aaji-Ajoba or Kaka-Kaku were here – Aai would hand me over to Ajoba or Kaku and they’d play with me as long as I wanted. I miss everyone! Despite that, I am having fun with my Aai-Baba.

My Baba is the best Baba in the whole world. He carries me around perched high on his shoulder so I can explore my home properly. And he rocks me to sleep very nicely at night. Unlike Aai who wants me asleep in two minutes flat. I need to make sure everything’s in its proper place before I go off to sleep! Aai doesn’t understand that, but Baba does. So I love my Baba. Except when he insists on bathing me. Every single night, imagine! For some strange reason, he has this irresistible urge to dunk me in water as soon as it gets dark. Sigh! They keep telling me it keeps me clean. Bah, I say! I have heard them whisper amongst themselves that it make me drowsy enough to sleep through the night. They think I cannot understand them yet, but what do they know?

Aai of course is my best friend. She gives me yummy du-du and sings to me and tells me wonderful stories and makes me laugh all day. So I love my Aai. Except when she makes me wear pink clothes. Ugh! They even have frills and lace on them! She says it’s her way of fulfilling her dream of having a baby girl. That’s fine but I don’t understand why I should suffer for Aai’s unfulfilled dreams! But at least she hasn’t taken me out dressed like that. Yet!

Which brings me to my stroller. I am still looking for the guy who invented this stupid thing. I hope I find him soon. Grrr! And the weirdos that my Aai-Baba are, they take me out in it every evening. The first few minutes are fun. I like looking around at the birds and  the trees and those funny-shaped clouds. But I tire of all that very easily. So I let them know I am bored. Loudly!

That’s my philosophy in life you know – let folks know how you’re feeling as loudly as possible. Everything seems to fall in place after that!

Yawn, yawn! Okay, now it’s time for my fifth nap of the day, so I must stop. I’ll write more later if Aai lets me. Make sure you let her know when you want to hear from me, okay? Tada!