My Favorites

Friends and Folks Who Make Me Smile

Very Wise Women Indeed

Filmi Chakkar

Mommies Who Blog And Their Cute Bachchalog

14 responses to “My Favorites

  1. Hai, Sho shweet, you put me among very wise women…
    Need to show this to M…

    I loved the changed look of your blog. It is so fresh and lovely.
    BTW did I tell you I am done reading almost 70 percent of your posts, though I have not left comments on each of them. Love your style, vocabulary and warmth in your writing.

  2. Yes, yes, show it to him! And I was very impressed by your last post – beauty pageant judge and all, huh? Badhiya hain!!!

  3. Okay, point taken Sue! 🙂 It’s just the way I think of you I guess, probably because of the company as you said… Do you mind if I keep it like that?

  4. i know i am late, jott, but can i pliss be moved to wise women category? thank you.

    hee hee no i make stupid joke. pliss to ex the cuse.

    gosh i should sleep. :!

    Me: Nautankibaaz!!! 😀

  5. If you and I are to remain friends you need to move me out of the mommy circuit. I’m NOT a mommy blogger. Have always been very vehement about this. 😦

    Me: I am confused Sue!!! Just 2 comments above, you said I don’t need to change anything… 😦

    But now that you’re talking of friendship and all, I HAVE TO change it! Okay, done!!! Friends now I hope? 😀

    Me again: Hey, not fair! I just realized – the Bhablet lost his mention, all because of you! :p

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